Which households would not be seduced by a cheap kitchen mixer? If this is your only criterion of choice, you will be obliged to buy the same equipment shortly. It is therefore essential to bet on a product with a good quality-price ratio if your budget remains modest.

Luckily we are here to offer you the best models in a suitable price range. Professionals in the field point out that a solid mixer tap has a very long service life. Then choose sustainable products while taking your budget into account.

Since this faucet is a fundamental part of the style of your home’s interior, you need to make the right choice. Anyone wishing to acquire this type of kitchen unit can visit this buying guide to choose the right kitchen mixer.

Want to break free from your traditional mixer and give your kitchen sink a modern design? The mixer is one of the solutions. Equipped with a single control handle governing both the water temperature and its flow rate, these models are varied and offer various functions, all accompanied by careful design.

How to Install Kitchen Faucets (Easy Guide)  Step by Step

The big brands like Hansgrohe, Grohe, Ondyna Cristina… are trendy, and it is strongly recommended to choose a quality mixer which lasts a long time and which allows making real water/energy savings.

What is a kitchen mixer for?

The mixer is a different type of kitchen faucet from the mixer, which has two handles to be able to control the type of water you need: hot or cold. The mixer has a single lever, the result of technological developments in the world of piping.

The horizontal location of its control determines the water temperature, and the flow rate is defined by the vertical. More than ten times a day, households use this appliance for preparing meals and… for cleaning dishes. Flexible and practical, a mixer tap allows you to have no space problems when using your sink.

Your choice of kitchen mixer among the various products offered can be based on selection criteria. A mixer with pull-out spray is perfect, for example, for rinsing vegetables because it can provide a spray in the form of rain.

To clean or fill large containers, the large kitchen mixer tap and the wall-mounted mixer are all well suited … According to your requirements and wishes in the use of this modern tap, precise adjustment can be obtained concerning the temperature of the ‘water. No more worrying about your energy bill at the end of the month in this case!

The main kitchen faucet brands

 Different brands of kitchen mixer taps are available on the market such as Delabie, Grohe, Delinia or Franke… How to choose the right brand for this appliance? It is strongly recommended not to use price as the sole criterion, but also to take into account style, technology and durability.

If you want a kitchen faucet that lasts for a long time, you could go for a classic type faucet. You can then choose for example the Metris Classic from Hansgrohe…

If your criterion of choice is more security, varieties of thermostatic mixing valves can meet your expectations. In fact, this type of kitchen tap is equipped with a thermostat guaranteeing the water temperature like the models of the following brands: Dorn Bracht, Delabie, Hansgrohe and many more as per Business Insider

Know how to choose the right kitchen mixer!

 What are your design standards? Are you more modern or retro decor for your kitchen? This choice must also be made for your mixer. It is also used frequently from morning to night which means that its choice should not be made lightly. Here are some basic criteria when buying a mixer for your kitchen.

For a… more economical mixer!

What smart ways can you save water and energy in your home? For example, by equipping your kitchen with a mixer, which is one of the most suitable responses. With its innovative ceramic cartridge, households can control the water temperature as well as its flow. It is now possible to do the dishes, wash your hands, fill your kettle, cook in water and energy-saving mode with this smart tap.

The Grohe brand of thermostatic mixers integrates a water and energy calculator via Grohe EcoButton and Grohe Turbostat technologies. A family’s consumption can now be halved with an automatically adjusted flow rate.

Another advantage of using a mixer tap is that you reduce your purchases of bottled water or no longer pay for them. You can directly drink either fresh sparkling water or icy still water from your mixer!

What design for your mixer?

When choosing a kitchen faucet, households should not only consider their durability and functionality. The design of the mixer tap is not to be underestimated. This element is essential for styling your kitchen. It is strongly recommended to choose a matching one for your sink too, beautify your interior, but also about the aesthetic elements of your kitchen! In short, make your kitchen a place that truly resembles you!

What could be better than a retro-style mixer to give your kitchen a 1950s look! A modern designer style of faucet is the real choice for those who want their kitchen to look trendy! So make a difference while ensuring consistency in the style of the worktop, sink and faucet!

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