Designed for the outdoor enthusiast, the tactical wallet can be the perfect aid during those long camping or hiking trips.

They can be considered to be the smarter version of normal wallets courtesy the built-in functionalities which can help out in catering to a bevy of functionalities ranging from whistling to bottle-opening. These tools slide to the cavity and can securely nest in the safety locks which have been built into the wallet chassis for easy cutting, sawing and protection. Small items such as cell phone, car keys and wallet are an absolute must for all of us to carry around.

But we often feel the need for objects like lighters, pens, pocket knives, etc. but can seldom do the same given the limited space inside our pocket which already remains half-loaded with a mammoth sized smartphone. This is where the tactical wallets come into play with a burst of functionality to lighten up your everyday load by accentuating your productivity all the way.

People have opened up to pants and backpacks belonging to the tactical segment.

However, similar treatment has not been received by the wallet section mainly because people are not much aware of its unbridled potential. Keeping such things in mind, we have collated a list containing the best tools a slim yet powerful tactical wallet can carry around to increase your scope of action outside just paying via cash or cards.

· Knife

These sharp-edged tools come with an easy grip which will fit between your fingers. The blade center contains a hex tool which can be of great help in tightening three separate bolt sizes. The blade is serrated partially and houses a fishing line clutter at its tip.

· Magnifying Glass

Imagine going on a scavenger’s hunt where you have to follow papyrus maps with minuscule writing for discovering the hidden clue underneath. Well, we agree that such fairy tale scenarios arise only in the storybooks which our mothers used to read us to bed. But there’s no harm in being prepared with magnified options, even in real life. This can actually be of help if you wish to harness the power of the sun or read a small print on the pill bottle.

· Compass

An ultimate favorite of travelers, compass serves as a top of the list requisite while going out on trips. So, when you are traversing across forests or deserts which zero phone connectivity a compass can act like a guiding star by showing you which way to take.

· Bottle Opener

What’s a trip without a few bottles of beer to liven up those bonfire nights? And with these tactical wallets by your side, you will never face any difficulty in uncorking a bottle of happiness.

· Fire Starter Flint

If you ever feel the need of starting a fire in a hurry, then the magnifying glass won’t be of much help. In such a scenario, you can opt for a magnesium fire starter to light up warmth all around.

From outside the best tactical wallet made up of leather and aluminum looks just like the normal wallet we carry around. But the real trick happens when you open up the same to discover the massive potential it tags along. So, whether you need a toothpick following a sumptuous meal or have to cut off a thread from your clothing, the super thin tactical wallet will keep you prepared to face every scenario.

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