Cryptocurrency is the one of the most talked about topics nowadays. In recent months there has been great growth and investment in the industry thanks to startups such as Coinbase and Filecoin. While there are many new technologies being invented every day, none of them has reached the number of job opportunities that cryptocurrency creates.

Growing Fast

There are a lot of cryptocurrency startups, and a lot of money is being poured into them. There’s data that shows that more money was invested into startups in the first half of 2017 then all of 2016, and it doesn’t seem to be stopping.

As companies for cryptocurrency grows, so does their need to hire capable, talented professionals. Over the past year and a half, the number of companies has basically doubled. There are many careers that you can find needed in the crypto industry from engineers to operations to design.

You can also find positions in customer support, business development, and marketing. The main requirement is an interest in blockchain technology. Much like any other startup, these cryptocurrency businesses need positions filled throughout their whole organization.

Where Did It Come from?

Bitcoin has become a more common term that many people recognize and often associate it with all things concerning cryptocurrency. It was the start of cryptocurrency with Ethereum following closely behind it.

The industry is expanding to a now mainstream audience and, with it, there has been a price run-up for both companies. Check this massive crypto page for Australia and see the expansive world of cryptocurrencies.

This is attracting more and more people to the cryptocurrency space.

Initial Coin Offerings is the way that cryptocurrency companies have expanded past funding methods that are more traditional. With each development in cryptocurrency and each startup announced comes headlines that the project has raised millions of dollars within mere seconds through the use of Initial Coin Offerings.

Recently, Filecoin broke the record for the amount of ICO in history. The team behind Filecoin raised approximately $257 million for assistance on decentralizing the file storage system that’s on the blockchain.

There are large sums of money that are being invested in the cryptocurrency arena from ICOs to VC financing. This has led to a hiring boom for those companies in the industry. Small groups are getting large amounts of money in the early stages of their projects, and it all needs to be spent responsibly. One way they’re using this money is by hiring.

Why People Are Flocking to Crypto Careers

A company that deals in cryptocurrency need all the skills and talent of any other business that is just getting its legs underneath them. Experience with cryptocurrency is always preferable as knowing the terminology is crucial, but there are many other jobs that you can find within the crypto space.

There are critical job functions that need to be handled, such as the aforementioned marketing and design as well as UX and UI. Cryptocurrency is still a fairly new industry and the hiring process is kinder to those with soft skills and little experience in technical roles. Here are a few reasons there has been more interest in cryptocurrency jobs.

  1. Better Salaries

It’s been a tendency so far in the business to pay more than the norm across the board in both non-technical and technical roles. They tend to beat the industry norm by around 10% to 20%. It’s also been reported that the majority of crypto companies have some nice perks.

  1. More Remote Flexibility

There are many companies in the industry that allow a certain flexibility that many other industries don’t. In some, you’re only required to come into the office a certain number of days. Working with a company can also increase your chances of getting a remote gig.

  1. Employee Liquidity

Employee liquidity is a perk that is newer and applies to companies that are newer. At typical startups, employees receiving equity have to wait for an event to sell their shares. This is changing and is of great interest to those looking for jobs in the industry.

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