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When it comes to coasters, one name stands above the competition, and that’s Bolliger and Mabillard. Better known as B&M, the coaster manufacturing company has put out some of the greatest rides in the world. Whether it be at Cedar Point, Sea World, or Europa Park, you’ll find plenty of B&M coasters at your local theme park. And not only does B&M make great rides, but they are also innovative. B&M were the first to introduce the inverted roller coaster, which is seen on many current coasters such as Banshee at Kings Island and Black Mamba at Germany’s Phantasialand. Their coasters are regarded as some of the best inverts in all of the world. Also, they introduced the first floorless and dive coasters. The manufacturing company, which has been in existence since 1988, debuted its first coaster, Iron Wolf, at Six Flags Great America in 1990. The companies first inverted coaster was Batman, which also premiered at Six Flags Great America. They’ve since gone on to produce over 100 roller coasters. Based in Ohio, B&M does a great deal of work in America, but they’ve also had a great deal of success overseas. The world’s first dive coaster, Oblivion, debuted at Europe’s Alton Towers. B&M also debuted its first winged coaster at Gardaland in Italy, showing their presence away from American soil is quite prominent. Their most recent dive coaster, Valravn, opened at Ohio’s Cedar Point, and broke records for being the tallest and fastest dive coaster in all of the world, proving they are always trying to raise the stakes, not only on themselves but the competition as well. Also, B&M also debuted Mako at Sea World Orlando, which is the tallest, fastest, and longest coaster in all of the greater Orlando theme park area. Whether it be stateside, or across the pond, B&M is one, if not the, best coaster manufacturing company in all of the world. Their coasters have won numerous awards, a list which includes Fury 325 at North Carolina’s Carowinds. The coaster is not only B&M’s tallest coaster standing an impressive 325 feet, but it also ranked as the Golden Ticket Awards Best Steel Coaster for 2016. Coaster enthusiast or not, you’ve probably ridden a B&M coaster at some point. They are scattered across the world at many major theme parks and offer some of the best thrills any ride can offer. Each one is a truly unique experience. And with more than 80 running coasters, you’re guaranteed to find one to fall in love with. Follow Daniel James Gentile on twitter @dgentleman9288

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