Why have your own bowling ball when there is enough to choose from on the bowling alleys? These are bowling balls that have already been used several times or a thousand times and that have long been showing a high level of wear and tear. In addition, nobody knows who put their fingers in the pre-drilled holes in advance. Provided that the hygienic aspect has to be taken into account. Whether bowling ball test or do you prefer to buy bowling ball ?

Top 5 bowling balls on the market

1st place – Rhino – bowling ball

Bowling ball test: A bowling ball has to have more than just a hefty weight, as the bowling ball test finds and Rhino is way ahead with his balls.

The chic bowling ball is available in various colors and in different sizes. This guarantees taste and any abnormalities. 96.89 to 129.99 euros are available as a price range for the bowling balls of different weights.

The price does not depend on the versatile color variants, but on the weights from 10lbs to 16lbs. Of course, the Rhino bowling ball is undrilled in the test in order to sustainably drill your own bowling ball.

This is all the more important for a bowler so that the correct finger position can be considered when bowling. It goes without saying that the Rhino brand name and the rhino itself on the bowling ball are available in the style of adding visual highlights.

The bowling ball is a good solution, especially for beginners or occasional bowlers, to familiarize themselves with their own ball.

The high reactivity is due to the weight of the ball and a good differentiation is also possible when bowling. Thanks to the ingenious pin-action processing, strikes are no longer a problem and professional bowlers or anyone who wants to become one can start testing with the bowling ball.

Rhino proves that bowling can also be something to look at, as can be seen from the different colors. But above all, the quality stands out here, of course, so that the focus is absolutely on the reason for purchase.

Beginners are taken into account here and the bowling ball cannot be a bad purchase for those who like to bowl.

2nd place – Brunswick – T Zone Bowling Ball Green Envy

The Brunswick bowling ball should not be missing in this test and why, because it simply looks good. Certainly this may not be that important to an experienced bowler, but it is to us.

Because even bowling in the dark shouldn’t be a problem with the glowing Green Envy “T Zone” bowling ball from Brunswick. It glows in the dark and is an absolute eye-catcher for every bowler with its black / green accents.

The bowling ball costs on average between 57.70 and 74.90 euros . Why the price differences? This is mainly because of how difficult it should be in the end. The choices range from 6lbs to 15lbs. Of course, the bowling ball is undrilled in order to be able to take your own finger position into account when drilling the holes.

The high-quality polyester, from which the bowling ball was mastered, offers a good ergonomic grip so that you can benefit from many advantages while bowling.

The bowling ball clears the pins perfectly and has excellent straight-line stability. Even for beginners, the T Zone “Green Envy” bowling ball should not be left unmentioned, because the bowling adventure can be explored in peace and quiet.

As a clearing ball, the bowling ball is particularly recommended for professionals and for beginners to get a feel for bowling and because it runs well in a straight line. Brunswick is a manufacturer that is probably known to every bowler and supplies the Green Envy bowling ball in addition to accessories.

Undrilled and flat, it can show itself from its best side on the bowling alley for beginners to professionals.

Last but not least, it glows in the dark and is therefore more conspicuous than many competing bowling balls in our bowling ball test.

3rd place – Ebonite – Sparkle Bowling Ball

The “Sparkle” Pro bowling ball from Ebonite, which is available in four different colors, has been designed to be a bit more eye-catching.

We would like to pay more attention to the Pro bowling ball in the test, because it deserves it for 55.79 euros to 71.70 euros . Bowlers can choose between 9lbs to 15lbs in order to have the best weight to use the undrilled bowling ball.

It is a bowling ball that is suitable for both advanced and beginners. It is thanks to her outstanding processing with polyester that she is super easy to handle and throw the bowling ball even in the test.

Both for beginners as an entry-level ball and for professional bowlers who like to clear away, this bowling ball is suitable for celebrating notable successes.

The surface of the ball is polished to ensure smooth running and the sparkling colors are more of a visual highlight. The ball is optionally available in violet, blue, yellow and yellow with sparkling effects, so that consumers only have to choose which variant they like better.

Only the weight changes the price up or down, but not the look in the bowling ball test. The quality is also consistent. Since the ball takes into account both beginners and professional bowlers, it simply belongs to our test / comparison.

4th place – Ebonite – Odie bowling ball

The child-like bowling ball “Odie” by Ebonite has been manufactured precisely for this purpose, so that the kids have their own bowling ball to make the bowling alley unsafe. The bowling ball test shows further.

The yellow bowling ball has a weight of 12lbs and is absolutely feasible for the youngsters to provide the bowling ball with the necessary momentum. The bowling ball is also very noticeable due to its small dog and an accompanying saying. The polyester ball is therefore a real eye-catcher for beginners, but the kids will love it too.

Not to forget that the surface is of course polished to guarantee a smooth run.

On the other hand, the bowling ball is undrilled so that the position of the fingers can be given more consideration when drilling. The bowling ball can be tested for around 88 euros and is therefore in an extremely fair price range, so that a new recommendation can be made here as well.

Especially since adults, beginners as well as children are taken into account here in order to make do with the yellow bowling ball. The light and polished surface of the bowling ball rounds off the use for beginners and children even further, so that the perfect conditions are given to be able to start with the bowling ball immediately.

Calculate the drilling of the holes because they are not there.

5th place – White Dot – Slime Lime Bowling Ball

The 12lb bowling ball from White Dot is an eye-catcher? Here in the bowling ball test.

It was guaranteed to have been made deliberately because the Slime Lime variant immediately stands out. After all, it is eye-catching with its black and green accents and a bowler is guaranteed to prefer this. Anomalies are part of every sport, including bowling.

However, 66.70 euros are not inconspicuous in the price-performance ratio, so that in this case another surprise can be discovered. The polished bowling ball rests smoothly on the bowling alley, so that a straight run should not present any difficulties.

In the meantime, the bowling ball can even clear everything thanks to the pin action if the bowler already knows how to do it. The light polyester ball naturally has a good direction of travel.

So that professionals as well as beginners can play / throw enthusiastically with the eye-catching bowling ball. However, the drilling of the finger holes must be taken into account and broken into the price bar again, because the bowling ball has not pre-drilled any holes.

In this way, White Dot ensures that both left and right-handed people can use and adjust the bowling ball extensively. Last but not least, it should be noted that the bowling ball has glowing effects even in the dark, thanks to the slime lime processing.

If you want to bowl in the dark, you shouldn’t do without this bowling ball. So our bowling ball test.

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