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Box Office Report for 8/25: The Butler Sweeps Away the Competition

With a trio of new releases debuting this weekend, not much changed in the top of the box office as Lee Daniels’ The Butler retained its #1 spot bringing in $17 million. The film only dropped off 31% of its audience from last weekend, so good word is spreading about this movie.

The film, starring Forest Whitaker (Battlefield Earth) as a White House butler retelling stories of his tenure, has nearly doubled its budget back only two weeks into its release. Directed by Lee Daniels (Precious), the film’s budget stood at only 30 million, and with the lack of competition coming next week (oh just wait and see the crap that’s coming), I don’t see “The Butler” slowing down until “Riddick” comes along 2 weeks from now.

We’re the Millers continues its August run adding another 13.5 million this weekend (only dropping nearly 25% of its audience last week). The “R” rated comedy about a would be drug dealer (Jason SudekisHorrible Bosses) gathering together a made-up family including a stripper Jennifer Aniston (Horrible Bosses) to smuggle drugs across the boarder, is vastly approaching the 100 million marker (it stands at 91.7 million as of today) and stands as the 6th highest grossing comedy of the year (7th in my opinion, then again I found “42” to be hilarious).

The debuting The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones finished this weekend with awful numbers, bringing in 9.3 million (14 million since its release on last Wednesday). The film about pretty people wearing leather battling other pretty people wearing leather with I’m sure the fate of the world hanging in the balance and somehow leaving room for a sequel (it’s based off a book series of the same name), was heavily marketed on TV for weeks upon it’s release. However, with “tweens” smartening up (is that possible?) the film didn’t perform nearly as well it’s opening weekend, and with a 60 million budget, yep, chalk up another flop for the summer.

Oh in other news, Percy Jackson 2 made another 5.2 million and thanks to its overseas numbers, it crossed over 100 million worldwide, whatever, I gave up hope on movie audiences when Grown Ups 2 made more than Pacific Rim.

Other newcomers The World’s End brought in 8.9 million, and You’re Next came in with 7 million over the weekend. The World’s End, the final part of Edger Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost’s “Cornetto Trilogy” (along with Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead), performed very highly considering its small box office take. The film only cost 20 million to make, and has already made 16 million overseas, so it’s instantly in the green when it comes to finances, congrats to Wright and Co.

Unfortunately, You’re Next couldn’t capitalize on previous successful horror/home invasion films this summer (The Purge, The Conjuring). While having a decent hook to bring in audiences and a great marketing plan (the animal masked killers were seen in other film’s promotional posters), it appeared it wasn’t enough to bring in the masses.

Finishing the top 10 is Planes in 5th place with 8.5 million. Elysium in 6th with 7.1 million. Woody Allen returns to the top 10 with Blue Jasmine coming in at 9th place with 4.3 million (the film’s in its 5th week of release, but added over 1000 theaters to its showing). Finally Kick-Ass 2 drops down to 10th with 4.2 million, bringing its total (22.4 million) much closer to its 28 million dollar budget.

Next week we get… Really?…. I don’t wanna say it… Fine… One Direction: This Is Us. A documentary about the band members rise to fame, from their humble beginnings to performing in London… You know, N’sync, New Kids on the Block, and The Backstreet Boys never felt the need to cash in on a film/documentary for their fans. Guess different era means more selling out.
Getaway, a film about a man (Ethan HawkeThe Purge) trying to save his kidnapped wife from a mysterious man, in the meantime, meeting up with a carjacking Selena Gomez (WHAT?!!?!??!?!?!).
Finally, Closed Circuit, Martin and Claudia are ex lovers and lawyers who find themselves put at risk after they join the defense team for an international terrorist’s trial. Starring Eric Bana (Star Trek), and Rebecca Hall (Iron Man 3). This is the first time I’ve ever heard or seen anything from this movie.

So what’s going to be #1 next week? My money’s on The Butler going for the 3 peat, but The Millers and (sigh) One Direction may have something to say about it.

#Movie Weekend Gross Total Gross

1 The Butler 17 M 52.2 M
2 We’re The Millers 13.5 M 91.7 M
3 Mortal Instrument 9.3 M 14 M
4 The World’s End 8.9 M 8.9 M
5 Planes 8.5 M 59.5 M
6 Elysium 7.1 M 69 M
7 You’re Next 7 M 7 M
8 Percy Jackson 5.2 M 48.3 M
9 Blue Jasmine 4.3 M 14.8 M
10 Kick-Ass 2 4.2 M 22.4 M

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