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Box Office Report: Fifty Shades of Grey Breaks President’s Day Records, Opens at $94.4 Million

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It’s pretty safe to say that Fifty Shades of Grey will be one of 2015’s biggest box office earners, somewhat of a bold statement considering it’s only February.

The film pulled in a staggering amount of money over the President’s Day weekend. How much exactly? Let’s just say it’s enough to break a few box office records.  The film, which opened on February 13th, was expected to fare well during its opening weekend, but it might have done a little better than expected, grossing a whopping $94.4 million.

Numbers like this aren’t seen quite often for the year’s first quarter. Fifty Shades of Grey has become the highest-earning February weekend film of all-time, passing Passion of the Christ. However, that’s not the only record it broke.  Fifty Shades of Grey drew $30 million on Friday alone, making it the highest single day opening in the month of February.

Also taking into account Thursday’s early screenings, which took in approximately $10 million, the picture grossed as much in two days as the weekends second highest earner, Kingsman, did in four. While the domestic numbers are already impressive enough, the films international take will blow your mind.

Fifty Shades of Grey amassed an earth-shattering $266.4 million over four days. As expected, the film would also go on to break international box office records as well.

Like the domestic intake, the $172 million dollar international earnings broke the record for a February release. In addition, Fifty Shades of Grey broke the record for opening weekend by an R-rated film, not just in February, but all the other months as well. With word of mouth playing a factor, the film will likely continue its reign atop the box office.

So, make it a ladies night and go see the movie that’s capturing the curiosity of the world.Oh, and don’t worry gentlemen, Kingsman is supposedly pretty good as well.

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