If you are a fan of boxing, you certainly know the Floyd Mayweather Jr. If you are a fan of UFC, then you will definitely know the name, Conor McGregor. And if you are simply a sports junkie like myself, you will be familiar with both men.

These two names are arguably the most iconic with their respective sports in this day and age. Even though Mayweather technically retired in September of 2015, people still hear the name and immediately think boxing. Well, now the two will be going toe-to-toe in the ring later this year, as a mega-fight between the two has been announced and confirmed by both men on their social media accounts.

This fight has long been rumored, as the two men have traded jabs on social media for quite a while now. Now, it is a reality. On August 26th from Las Vegas, Nevada (seems like it could be held at either the T-Mobile Arena or the MGM), Money Mayweather and McGregor will square off in a traditional boxing match. The bout will be held at 154 pounds, be scheduled for 12 rounds and have the two men using 10-ounce gloves.

So many people are already so pumped for this fight. They have been since it was first mentioned as a possibility. But I simply have to ask, why? I can’t help but see this whole thing as a total waste of time. To put it as straightforward as possible, this fight is all about one thing: money.

As a result, the entire thing is going to go down as one of the biggest flops of the entire year.

Let’s start with the Las Vegas opening line. Mayweather is sitting around -1000 and McGregor is +700. Do you want to talk about lopsided? Well, it simply does not get any more one-sided than that.  And rightfully so.

For starters. this is a BOXING match. This is a sport that Mayweather is 49-0 in. He is regarded as the best of his generation by most, with his record doing a lot of the talking. Opposing him will be a man who has never boxed before. The Notorious may be one of the best in the UFC, but that does not mean it will translate over to a match where he is restricted to his fists inside of gloves.

So why would McGregor take a fight where he goes to a sport he has never partaken in against a man who is undefeated? Two reasons: money and pride. This fight is going to net Mystic Mac a boatload of cash. Yahoo mentioned that this fight could net both fighters at least $100 million. So clearly, he is going to walk away from this a much richer man. But he also really dislikes Mayweather. He has talked a big game on social media. In his head, he simply sees himself as a better “fighter” than Floyd. So for those reasons, he is willing to go in as a massive underdog against Money.

Now, let’s look at things from Floyd’s point of view. He has been retired from the sport for close to two years now. He has seen names such as Gennady Golovkin, Canelo Alvarez (Who he beat) and Sergey Kovalev rise to the top of the sport. As a result, his name has drifted to the background, like it would for anyone who retires.

When he went out, he did so with a perfect record, as mentioned earlier. That perfect record is also one win away from being a shiny 50-0. So if he was to come back for one more fight, it would require two things. First, a mega payday. We already know that is a lock. Two, it needs to be a lock in terms of the win.

Anyone who has watched Mayweather fight should know that is exactly what this should be. Mayweather is not known for being the most exciting man in the ring. He simply fights to win. That often results in him keeping his distance and jumping in for quick spurts to attack his opponent. There is a lot of dancing around the ring, with Money controlling the pace.

If  McGregor wants any chance to win this, he will need to get Floyd close. That way he can capitalize on his power. But Money simply is not going to let that happen. And if McGregor tries to force the action, Floyd will be him with his technical prowess.

I could easily see Conor getting too excited and trying to rush the boxer. As a result, the man who is the champ of his sport will then catch the UFC fighter off balance after easily dodging a wild blow. If that does happen, Floyd could win this via the knockout. The only other possible outcome in this one will be a Floyd win via decision.

Mayweather is no stranger to high-profile bouts disappointing fans either. Money’s second to last bout, back on May 2, 2015, against Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao, was billed as The Fight of The Century. The problem was, the fight took place about five years too late. Pacman was well past his prime. As a result, Floyd controlled the ring and won via unanimous decision in a boring fight.

It was no surprise that Floyd’s final contest, which took place a few months later on Andre Berto on September 12, 2015, was just as lopsided. Mayweather would win that fight unanimously as well, with judges scores putting the champ on top by six, eight and twelve points.

So when all of this is factored in, I simply cannot find a way where this fight lives us to the hype. It has the same vibe as Mayweather vs Pacman did. That one was a complete bust, and so will this one.

Bottomline, there is no way I am paying $60, $70, $80 or whatever ridiculous price they will be asking for on pay-per-view.

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