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Politics: It seems that Donald Trump has bigger problems on his hands

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To say that it has been a rough few months for Donald Trump and his administration would be an understatement. They have seen former United States National Secretary Advisor Michael Flynn resign, former FBI director James Comey was fired, and several members of this current regime have been brought in to testify on Capitol Hill for the possible Russia connections.

Now it seems that the black cloud that has been over this administration for the last few months seems to be getting darker. According to the Washington Post, Robert Mueller, the man who was brought in as a special counsel, is now investigating President Trump on if he committed obstruction of justice. This shows that his overall investigation will be going beyond the possible Russians involvement in the elections of 2016.

However, there have been reports going around that President Trump is possible considering firing Mueller and that is not a good sign. I feel this way because it does not make Donald Trump or his administration look good if they keep firing people who are investigating them. I am looking at this to the point that he is possibly hiding something. By not being the bigger man in this situation, it is making him look worse.

What makes this whole situation worse is that it is several people within his administration that have had some sort of possible ties with Russia. I don’t feel it is off for me to say that the Donald Trump Administration will possibly go down as one of the worst runs that someone has had in the White House. This latest nugget of what Mueller is now investigating doesn’t help at all.

I am very curious to see what comes from this investigation if anything. However, I feel this will put more of an asterisk on this whole administration.

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