Braces Removal Process

The day you have been waiting for is finally here. You are done with your orthodontic treatment and are getting your braces off.. But before you set an appointment to get your braces off, here is what you should expect during the braces removal process.

Be Patient

Getting your braces removed is one of the long awaited thrills that is full of mixed emotions. Some are hesitant to get it done, others are excited about getting the braces removed. Well, it is important to remain realistic. Sometimes when you book an appointment, it can get canceled due to unavailability of an orthodontist or other factors. There are also times when the orthodontist suggests increasing the duration of wearing your braces


All that you should remember is there’s you shouldn’t get disheartened in any of these situations. You need to remember that your smile is right around the corner and you should have a little more patience to complete the treatment. Many top-rated orthodontists in Edmonton recommend their patients to be patient during their treatment process and the same goes for you.

Keep Pace With Your Cleaning Routine

Do not take the end of your braces’ journey for granted. If you slack at the last minute, all of your hard work and patience will go to waste. It’s been days and months that you have been keeping up with your braces cleaning routine so why stop now. In fact you should wave a special goodbye to your braces by pampering them a little more than often. 


Instead of slacking off, it’s time to keep your cleaning routine at the right pace. People who have metal braces in Edmonton say that all those who become a little careless in the last stage of their braces cleaning routine might experience white scars or spots on the teeth. This generally happens when food or bacteria starts breeding over the tooth and no care is taken for too long. Hence, you should brush your teeth twice a day!

Don’t Expect It To Be A Casual In And Out

Getting braces off is not a causal in and out process. It requires time. Do not expect that your session will end in a few minutes because the orthodontist will just get the braces out. You need to spend an hour or more to get the whole thing done. Though taking the braces off will not take much time but cleaning is what needs to be done with patience. 


After removing your braces, an experienced orthodontist will take some time to clean  your teeth. You might also be fitted for your retainer. So do not be in a hurry when you visit your orthodontist for your braces removal

Discomfort Is  Part Of The Process

When you go for the removal of dental braces in Edmonton, you should definitely expect some discomfort. This is part of the process. And the reason behind this is the sound of cracking or popping that you might hear while the process goes on. No, your teeth will not get cracked or popped but the braces will. When an orthodontist removes braces, he or she uses special pliers to squeeze the brackets and remove them. During this squeezing, you might hear the sounds mentioned above. 


Please note that these sounds are completely normal. Even if you experience some pressure or discomfort, it is normal too. The process is definitely not painful but might cause discomfort.


Now that you know what to expect while getting your metal braces in Edmonton removed, it’s time to relax. After you are done with the process, you can go out and show off your hard earned smile!

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