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Brainstorming Platform
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Brainstorming Platform- An idea sharing platform that facilitates innovation

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Want to have frequent group discussions with your team on certain topics? Then the brainstorming platform is here for your rescue! Brainstorming allows individuals to think freely and creatively and helps us to incorporate every individual’s ideas and strategies. As it encourages and allows individual participation, it boosts self-esteem and builds enthusiasm among people.

If you are stuck with a problem then there is no harm in asking others for its solution! It’s better to get the views and ideas of more and more people as it helps to unlock your mind and choose the best option available, a few ideas can even be merged together to form the perfect solution. But beware! Because you can’t always necessarily be satisfied with the solutions or it might happen that looking at a heap of solutions you can be confused even further, this way the brainstorming platform will do you more harm than good.

Benefits Of Brainstorming Platform

No matter what you need, various options for everything are available whether it be virtual brainstorming, solo mind mapping, or collaborative mind mapping.

Helps in your personal Development

Maybe, your mind is blocked due to the stress you have been putting on it!  Your brain is quite stubborn and would not give you good ideas when under pressure. With a brainstorming platform, you will be among some like-minded people who are there with some great ideas revolving around them. All you need is to observe and learn! Who knows maybe their small idea can give you the right direction to think. 

Create Your own Mind maps

You can browse through a pile of public diagrams to have a look at other’s works. One can add their desired images, choose different colors for branches, attach and detach the branches from one branch to another, and also link a few branches together. You can also invite a few people to help you out with your work and give you suggestions. Once your work is completed you can convert your mind map into a PDF or PNG and post it on social media if you like.

Work together

Do you have a habit of putting up sticky notes on your work desk or study table, so that your ideas and important notes are secure? With Brainstorming Platform the members of a group who are discussing an idea can make their own virtual sticky notes and place them under the desired category. The ideas that collect the highest number of likes stand out from the other ideas.

Virtual Brainstorming

If you create mind maps and charts for solo mind mapping and collaborative brainstorming then you will love being the part of the team. One can customize the background through self uploaded images and has the privilege to choose from a wide variety of chart layouts. This is perfect for those who want to do collaborative mind mapping as it has a chat function and also you can view the contributions made by the other teammates. The other features allow the teammates to comment and vote as well.

 Here, one can present their ideas in an organized and orderly way and discuss it with their teams by inviting them through links to view, comment, and edit.


A great idea can pop-up from the smallest incident of your life. When people with diverse ideologies come up with their own ideas and club them together, you are the one who is most benefited from it. So for a small problem, there will be more ideas, more introspection, and better results.

It will certainly consume a couple of hours of your life. The mere impact of all that you have learned will make it worth it. 

So when are you starting with one?

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