Breast augmentation surgery’s popularity is fast becoming a legend both in the US and worldwide. Many women bear witness that they have experienced an unprecedented surge in their self-confidence levels.

Moreover, many women have also testified that they felt more sexually satisfied post the surgery.

When one has decided to go for augmentation, patients need to know the surgery and recovery process inside out, which may better help them brace themselves for the surgery and give them the fortitude they would require during the recovery period.

What is the Expected Recovery Period?

There is no recovery time as such that cures all. Every woman’s body is different, and so is the recovery time. In addition, silicone implants are but a foreign element (technically speaking) to a human body. Therefore, everybody responds differently to these implants.

However, the general wisdom says that a full recovery can take about six weeks. It is not before a couple of weeks that the woman’s body starts to reach normalcy.

Before assessing your probable recovery period, your surgeon will consider various factors, such as your medical history.

Recovery stages


As soon as the effects of anaesthesia start to dim, you will begin to feel sore. The muzzy feeling would fade away in hours, but you won’t be able to drive home all by yourself. You would need an attendant for a couple of nights at best.

The First Week

The first week is usually the hardest to get through. Your doctor would prescribe some pain killers for the initial week. Some women may get over the intolerable pain level and get through their days with just mild OTC painkillers. Some may even resume their desk job after the first week.

The next few weeks

After a couple of weeks, patients are advised to slide back into their exercise regime (light ones, though) and a regular routine. The uneasiness should be negligible by this point, but the doctors advise maintaining a strategic distance from intense workouts, outdoor runs, etc.

Patients with field jobs are advised to rest for at least three weeks.

Back with a Bang

During your routine checkup, your doctor should be able to assess how far you have recovered. In most cases, patients take about two months before they can hop on to their pre-surgery regime.

It’s critical to follow the doctor’s advice so that your implant is set in flawlessly and that the chances of any further complications are curbed.

Tips for a smooth recovery

Life is not all sunshine and rainbows, and a breast implant is no different.

There will be swelling right after the surgery (a severe amount). Although this is expected, it will fade away with time. To help reduce the pain and also to smoothen up your recovery process, it is best advised that the patient opts for a recovery bra or two.

These bras are carefully designed to catalyze the recovery process, stabilize the implants and help in proper blood circulation. They also provide just the right kind of compression to help in lymph drainage.

You will need to sport a bra all the time post-surgery. So, it’s important to consider features such as breathable fabric, acute design and adjustable straps to make your affair with bra/s a lot easier.

Ensure that your kitchen is fully stocked up before going under the knife. There should be several cans of hydrating drinks in your refrigerator because you are likely to feel dull and tired for about a week post-surgery.

Remember, you will be sore and gaggy, so keep light and healthy food in your kitchen, easy to prepare.

This piece is meant to be a quick memo on how you can prepare yourself to embrace your new attribute and the preparations you need to make beforehand.

However, as detailed as it may seem, you will still have many doubts and, more importantly, inhibitions regarding your physical and mental transformation.

For a smooth transformation, you ought to have the audacity to voice any concern with your surgeon and who better than board-certified plastic surgeons at Cosmeticare implant exchange in Orange County can guide you through.

The group of incredibly qualified specialists with many years of practice will investigate your case with the most extreme reasonability and carry out the medical procedure with perfect accuracy to improve the nature of your life.



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