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Misogyny In The Health Care World Leads To New Trend

#MedBikini has been trending on Twitter for the past several days. This was in response to a irresponsible study from the health care world that is filled with misogyny and got published in the Journal of Vascular Surgery. The premise of the study indicated that when choosing a hospital, doctor or medical facility a patient may look at the public social media content of a doctor. Then make their determination based on

How to Optimize Your Sexual Health

You need to think about your sexual health in each phase of your life — especially before you’re dealing with conditions such as erectile dysfunction or prostate problems. Making your sexual health a priority should start as a young man and last throughout your lifetime.  You must understand that your overall health and well-being impacts your sexual health. In order to improve your sexual health, you must address your needs
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Medical Mistakes and How to Prevent Future Mishaps

Our health is one of the most important things in our lives that can be overlooked or mismanaged, even by professionals. Mistakes can often be made, and important ailments may be completely missed even by the most stringent of doctors. Despite this, we have to keep on top of things in order to make sure that we properly maintain our health. However, though medical mishaps are fairly common, we don’t
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Connecting With Patients via Health Administration

When you make an appointment with your doctor, you probably speak to the receptionist or patient coordinator. In fact, the doctor may be the very last person you meet with. Along the way, you are going to work with nurses, schedulers, billing coordinators, and health administrators, all of whom want you to have the best patient services possible. In addition to maintaining healthcare regulation rules, doctors and hospitals want you
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Health: Secrets Of Cerebellum Boosting

What to know about the cerebellum. The cerebellum has many functions in the human brain. The central function is that which revolves around meditation of peaceful brain. It helps in coordinating and managing the motor activities in the brain. There are various activities that the cerebellum helps to control; the movement of the eye, the posture, equilibrium, balance, coordination just to mention a few. The cerebellum works not only to