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Bristol Palin: Abstinence Makes Your Mouth More Hypocritical

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With her recent announcement on Thursday that she is pregnant with her second child, Bristol Palin deserves neither sympathy and a long-overdue lecture for being a hypocrite.

Palin, the 24-year-old daughter of wannabe, sometime presidential candidate and former Fox News analyst, in former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, recently announced that she was pregnant with her second child on Wednesday, much to the chagrin of Christian conservatives and to the delight of left-wing liberals who have long bemoaned her “quasi-celebrity” status as nothing more than riding the coattails of her mom.

As a fellow parent of two, I want to first congratulate Bristol and wish her nothing but God’s graces in having a successful birth and a healthy child.

That being said, after preaching abstinence for over the last four years, and being paid a handsome fee of $262,000, per US Magazine, she can take all her talk of “strong Christian family values” elsewhere, because she is nothing more than a two-faced charlatan.

Strong language aside, she stated on her own blog here, that she wanted no sympathy, which is exactly what she will get in this, because for too long, she went around talking to young girls about waiting till marriage to have and conceive children, which was respectable, but the sheer nerve and audacity of her to  criticize unwed mothers for having children out of wedlock, isn’t just a sign of karma, but proverbial comeuppance.

And it gets better too.

After ending her much-publicized engagement to Medal of Honor recipient, Dakota Meyer, it would later surface that he was already legally married, thus ending their engagement. According to RadarOnline.com, it was reported that Meyer is the father of Bristol’s second child.

So to recap, and get this straight for those keeping score at home, we have a GOP media darling, who is the daughter of the most polarizing political figure in recent history, who already had one child out-of-wedlock, preach abstinence and not having children out-of-wedlock, get knocked up by a still-legally married man for her second?

Yeah! some family values there, Bri Bri.

11650782_10205541395306785_1459602691_nIn what has become a proverbial feeding frenzy on social media, the best comment was the fact that Bristol has two children out-of-wedlock, while Miley Cyrus—who was a target of recent criticism of hers—has none.

Considering that 40.7 percent of children were born out of wedlock, per a 2012 National Review study, welcome to the real world, Bristol!

Not to come across as a Obama-loving, liberal-leaning hack and member of the “lamestream media” attempting to slut-shame their hero by her little minions, but Bristol has brought on all the criticism that she will receive on her self for her overt grandstanding, glorified ignorance—along with lack of using birth control—uppity self-righteousness.

It’s sad that there is a segment of the population that STILL idolizes her and her mother, yet the only thing they both have in common is being full of hot air, lies and being high-class grifters.

To those in Tea Party Nation, the Palin’s are seen as proverbial royalty due to them being “real” Americans, family values and openly against the government and Barack Obama. What is even more tragic is that they are held to such a high pedestal, that despite their clear positions on birth control and abstinence that Bristol will still be seen as Mother Teresa, when in realty she is this generation’s cultural version of the sexually promiscuous Mary Madalene.

Again, and for the record, I’m not attacking Bristol for being pregnant, just calling her out on her own hypocrisy, which now, is the gift that keeps on giving, considering her recent comments on social media about others.

As she herself said, she wants no sympathy or lectures, that is fine. As a “real” American and fellow Christian, can I speak for everyone in asking that you yourself abstain from speaking on anything related to family values and abstinence again, since you seem to have a problem in practicing what you preach.


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