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American Islamophobia: Why We Need To Be Honest

In light of the recent terrorist attacks that have hit Paris, France and San Bernardino, California, it is time for the West to have open and honest dialogue about what are the real causes behind terrorism. If we do not do this as a society, not only will things become much worse, but it will not end. The Xenophobia that permeates in the West fertilizes the attempts by groups such
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The Spectator: Starbucks Red Cups Controversy Overblown And Idiotic

Over the last 48 hours, can you take a guess about what has trended all over social media? It is not the pathetic unraveling of GOP wunderkind Ben Carson and his presidential campaign,  nor is it LSU’s stud running back Leonard Fournette and his family being under NCAA investigation over making a profit on his likeness. Heck, it ain’t even about the recent jobs and unemployment rate. It sure as
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Blog: Is America The Land of the Free? Yeah, Right!

The United States prides itself on a lot of things, including being the greatest country in the world. It was a country founded on freedoms that we take serious to the very core. So serious as a matter of fact, men and women are ready, willing and able to die to protect said freedoms. So imagine my surprise to find out it was all a lie. A lie that makes
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Opinion: Why An Attack on Muslim Rights, Is An Attack On All

Recently, right-wing Christian groups have formed a Facebook page called Global Rally for Humanity calling for all Bible-and-Jesus loving “patriots” around the world to go to the local mosques in their cities with weapons in order to show Muslims that they do not want them in their cities. This is just the latest attempt by extreme right-wing hate groups to try and intimidate Muslims. Earlier this year, they organized a
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Ben Carson: Can I Become The First (Second) American Muslim President?

After recent comments by Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson stating that a Muslim should never be president of the United States, I feel that I myself—an American--born Muslim--should consider running. In his comments, he felt that Muslims practice Sharia and so could never be loyal to the United States. With all due respect to Dr. Ben Carson—who I know is very brilliant, and probably the best pediatric neurosurgeon in
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Blog: An Open Letter to Jan Morgan From An American Muslim

Salaam Alaykum rahmatu’Allaahi wa Barakato, or may the peace and blessing of God almighty be upon you. I hope that this letter reaches you in the best of Iman. Please let me introduce myself even though you had been my Facebook friend since 2012. My name is Steven Pearce, I am an American Muslim from Redding, CA. I became a Muslim in 1997, so I have been Muslim for 18
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September 11 Attack: Reflections On 9/11, Then And Now

I will never forget 9/11. I was at my friend’s home in Sacramento because I was scheduled for a Doctor’s appointment at UC Davis Hospital. I had been having a lot of pain and at that time they thought that I had a compressed disc in my back causing sciatica. I was living in Yuba City and I needed to be close to the hospital due to how early in
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Iran Nuclear Deal: Why Nuclear Energy Is Not The Answer

As an American Muslim, I have been asked routinely my view about Iran’s nuclear energy policy. And for years, I have had the same response. I believe that Iran’s leadership is not looking out for the best interest of the people, and that their true goal is not for just having nuclear plants, but instead want to have Nuclear weapons. In an age where sustainability and environmental awareness is growing.
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World: Thanks To Syrian Refugee Crisis, Where is Our Humanity?

On September 1, 2015, a young Syrian boy from the city of Kobani, was discovered washed up on the shore of the Turkish resort town of Bodrum. The family was fleeing ISIS and were trying to reach the Greek island of Kos. They were promised refugee status by the Canadian government if they could make it to Kos. Unfortunately their flight to freedom ended in disaster. This comes at a
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Politics: Is Islam Compatible With Democracy?

The negative stereotypes of Islam and Muslims permeates our lives. If we turn on the news there will be a story of a terrorist attack. When we are driving our car we see billboards demonizing Islam as the religion of terror. If we take the train we see signs posted labeling Muslims as followers of the religion of Satan. This is something that has happened for over 40 years in