Winnipeg Jets defenceman Jacob Trouba is set to become a restricted free agent. Derek Leung/Getty Images
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Little Bones: The (potentially) tough-to-swallow story on Jacob Trouba

If you were presented with a 24-year-old, right-handed defenceman who carried the offensive play from the D-zone, suppressed opposing teams’ offences at a high rate, and never had to play a single shift in the American Hockey League to get to the NHL, most of you would jump at the chance to sign him long-term and look to build your D-corps around him. However, when you hear that the player’s
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NCAA Basketball: First Four Games

The NCAA tournament is set, brackets have been revealed! Playing in the first game of the tournament we have, LIU Brooklyn Vs. Radford. Many times these games don't get attention. The teams are playing for a 16 seed in the tournament. These two teams on the other hand, are lead by two really good basketball players. LIU Brooklyn has senior Joel Hernandez leading their team. This guy can score and
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Boxing: Relikh Wins Vacant Title In Beatdown Of Barthelemy

Rances Barthelemy (26-1, 13 KO) trying to make history met Kiryl Relikh (22-2, 19 KO) Saturday night. This undercard fight made way for potential history. If Barthelemy wins, he becomes first Cuban to be a three division world champion. As the fight went on, it was evident history won't be made. Relikh starts the fight more active than Barthelemy in a feeling out first round. Little did anyone know at
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Boxing: Garcia Wins Title In 140 Debut

Mikey Garcia (38-0, 30 KO) looking for his fourth division title Saturday night when taking on IBF World Super Lightweight champions Sergey Lipinets (13-1, 10 KO). The beginning of the fight both men were cautious. Feeling out process applied to both fighters and had fans waiting almost two minutes for a landed shot. Garcia would be the first off every time trying to develop his jab. As normal for Garcia
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American Islamophobia: Why We Need To Be Honest

In light of the recent terrorist attacks that have hit Paris, France and San Bernardino, California, it is time for the West to have open and honest dialogue about what are the real causes behind terrorism. If we do not do this as a society, not only will things become much worse, but it will not end. The Xenophobia that permeates in the West fertilizes the attempts by groups such
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Kobe Bryant: Was He Black Enough?

This week, Kobe Bryant announced this was his final season. In my opinion, he is in the discussion for the top-5 all-time NBA greats. His stats, and what he has done in his career are a slam dunk for being a first ballot Hall of Famer. He leaves the Lakers as one of the franchises top-3 players as well, which is saying a lot: the purple and gold represent NBA
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Kobe Bryant: The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Hall of Fame baseball lifer Branch Rickey said, “It is better to trade a player a year too early, than a year too late”. While this is not exactly the world Kobe Bryant lives in, the sentiment is the same. As a life-long Laker fan, I would rather have seen him retire a year too soon, than waiting as he did and retiring a year too late. Granted, his past
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MLB: Why Free Agency Is More Dangerous Than Ever

Ageism has always been a prevalent part of our society because it’s the one ism that people can get away with; especially in sports. Society’s ageisms typically come in two forms. One, if you’re too young, people don’t think you have enough experience for a job/responsibility (often true). And two, if you’re too old, then people think you’re not going to adapt to the new future (less than the former,
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The Spectator: Starbucks Red Cups Controversy Overblown And Idiotic

Over the last 48 hours, can you take a guess about what has trended all over social media? It is not the pathetic unraveling of GOP wunderkind Ben Carson and his presidential campaign,  nor is it LSU’s stud running back Leonard Fournette and his family being under NCAA investigation over making a profit on his likeness. Heck, it ain’t even about the recent jobs and unemployment rate. It sure as
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Blog: Is America The Land of the Free? Yeah, Right!

The United States prides itself on a lot of things, including being the greatest country in the world. It was a country founded on freedoms that we take serious to the very core. So serious as a matter of fact, men and women are ready, willing and able to die to protect said freedoms. So imagine my surprise to find out it was all a lie. A lie that makes