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Brooklyn Nets: Jeremy Lin ready for New York encore?

This may be funny to read, but there was a time when Jeremy Lin was more popular than Times Square. In 2011, Lin literally lit up Broadway with his electric play in a New York Knicks uniform but it was short-lived as he joined the Houston Rockets the following season.

His time with the Rockets, while not as loud as it was with the Knicks was still quietly, very productive. Lin averaged 15 points and six assists for the Knicks and 13 points and six assists for the Rockets. While many have labeled him a one-hit wonder, the stats show that is not the case. To even further that, he helped guide the Rockets to the playoffs while the Knicks were home watching him play.

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Lin spent time with Kobe in L.A. and then with the Charlotte Hornets last season, but here I why I believe Lin will shine with Brooklyn Nets. The majority of his time in the NBA has been spent coming off the bench, but with the Nets, he will be the starter. The Nets are in need of an offensive player with Lin’s caliber. He may not be on the Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook level but he is just what the new-look Nets needs at this point. And he needs them.

The Nets are depleted of talent besides Nets lifer, Brook Lopez. If he and Lin can manufacture any sort of inside/outside chemistry that was supposed to happen with Deron Williams, the Nets may have a future. Lin still has the ability to get to the basket. He’s not the best perimeter player but what he lacks in that department he makes up for, everywhere else.

If the team can provide him and Lopez with solid players, especially 2-3 perimeter threats the Nets will not be as bad as many have projected them to be. Lin may not be interested in lighting the city up they way he did in 2011 but the Nets are hoping lightening will strike twice in New York.

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