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Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Mike Evans Expects Playoffs Or Bust

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While attending Tampa Bay Buccaneers training camp recently, my main focus was on wide receiver Mike Evans. Primarily to see how he handled the new acquisitions of DeSean Jackson and O.J. Howard, and how it would improve his style of play.

What I saw was a 6’7 monstrous wide receiver run down the field to make amazing catches by the sidelines, mainly because the defense could no longer double cover him. After numerous drills, training camp ended, and players made their ways to sign autographs before heading back into the locker room. While Evans was on his way back to the locker room, I was able to ask him a couple questions about the upcoming season, the conversation is below:

Myself – “With all the new additional weapons the Bucs have obtained in the offseason, how do you feel this will improve or hinder your game?”

Evans – “I believe it is going to benefit the team as well as myself, because I couldn’t get open down the field a lot, because there was always a safety over the top, and had to make a play for myself and for the team.”

Myself – “Awesome, last question. With the expectations the team, fans, and players have for the team, what are your expectations for this season?”

Evans – “Last year I said playoffs or bust, and I feel that way about this year as well.”

Afterward, Evans signed some more autographs and made his way to the locker room after training camp. While this was happening, I took a moment to see the hundreds of fans cheering on their team and complimenting them on how well they are going to do this year.

These fans will not be disappointed. This high powered offense will be able to lead this Tampa Bay Buccaneers offense to a wild card berth and potentially make a deep run in the playoffs. Evans has the same expectations for his team, as everyone else in the organization and fan base has for them, which only fuels their fire. The Tampa Bay Bucs will have a phenomenal season. Although a tough schedule, veterans coming to help lead Winston and the offense to a winning season will be detrimental.

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