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Buffalo Bills DB Tre'Davious White
Tre'Davious White - Defensive Back - Buffalo Bills
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Buffalo Bills: Defensive Player Spotlight – Tre’Davious White

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In 2017, the Buffalo Bills will ask a lot of their rookie players. With a strong draft, the team went out and picked up the caliber of players who could come in and make an immediate impact. Their first round pick Tre’Davious White will be a prime example of that. With the AFC East featuring mostly pass heavy teams, White will have to make an impact right out of the gate. With the talent heavy Dolphins and Patriots, there will be a lot on the rookie’s plate. Both AFC rivals feature deep and talented receiving groups that will challenge opponents all year. On top of their already tough schedule, the Bills’ defenders will have their hands full.


White can be the corner stone of the defense for years to come. His discipline and quickness will not allow for too many mistakes from opposing quarterbacks. His quick feet allow him to break on the ball and make instant reaction reads. With the quick pass offenses in the league, he’s tailor made for success. Should have success-covering players like Julian Edelman and Jarvis Landry. He does not need to be the player lining up across from opponents best receiver in order to be successful. However, teams with depth at wide receiver will target him a lot. As long as he stays healthy, he should be one of the top defenders for the Bills this season.


Where he will struggle is with big, physical, NFL caliber receivers. His size and strength will come into question against bump and run across from bigger receivers. At 5’11”, lining up against Devante Parker at 6’3” and 209 pounds might be more of a challenge for his skill set. While Tre’Davious White will require quarterbacks to thread a needle or throw the perfect pass, a player like Parker should be able to out jump him and attack the ball at the highest point. Another area the Buffalo Bills will want to work with him this offseason is in open space. If speedy receivers move him off the ball in the run game or if a pass comes out of the backfield, White will need to work on tackling. His skill set is stopping plays from happening rather than reacting to them after they have happened. He will have to work on his physicality against running backs and tight ends or he will get steam rolled. Strength and toughness deep in the season will come into play.

Tre’Davious White might not have been the flashiest player on the board. Maybe the player the Buffalo Bills wanted was gone at their selection causing them to trade down. Luckily, for White, he is the kind of player the Bills needed to go get. With a schedule littered with pass heavy teams, the rookie will have to adjust the NFL quickly. With a new offense and defensive scheme, the season will be very demanding on the Bills. White will face challenges but does not have the pressure of being a top of the board draft pick. He has played on some of the biggest stages at LSU so he is no stranger to pressure. On a team struggling for success, fans will welcome any improvement. White will give fans someone to keep an eye on all season. He should grow as the season progresses. As long as he has the toughness to stick out the cold Buffalo weather, he is a great addition to their secondary.

Editor’s Note: This article can be also be seen in our upcoming NFL Preview Edition.

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