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Business: 7 Customer Service Myths & Misconceptions You Need To Look For In 2016

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By Abhishek Jain

We all do know how critical it is for a business organization to stay ahead of their competitors when it comes to customer service trends.

Consumers demand continues to change and evolve unless and until your organization prefers to stay current and pass by you without even being noticed. So do you any kind of a misgiving have a trend or strategy that you are following? Then you are at the right place.

Given below are the 10 major misconceptions the organizations have about customer service in a BPO Industry.

So long as your needs and requirements are met we are with you: Giving your customers the things that they need is just one part but in reality it’s just half of the service. And in order to build a customer service it is generally all about how you make your customers feel from the time they turn out to be acquainted with your company, till the last and final interaction that you could have with them. This would again include everything starting from the process of surrounding, environment, employee’s tone of voice, extra facilities, availabilities, speed of service and so on.

If you have met the needs of your customers then the needs are done: Meeting the needs and requirements of all your clients and services is completely different from the concept of exceeding their needs. A customer whose needs you have been exceeding again and again would definitely brag about you and your brand that you have been dealing with. So which one would you prefer to do?

Customers are more concerned about price than service: Yes they are a few individuals who would move from one business to another just for a few dollars, with price and quality need being comparable. There are a few more individuals who stay away from the company, even if there is something cheaper that comes in and feel valued, respected and cared for. So try and focus on meeting and exceeding the requirements of their clients and customers.

Each and everyone in the customer service is dumb: Generally when it comes to the customer service most of the individuals feel that they are dumb. This is the most common misconception we have come across, as the ones hired as the call centre representatives are generally the ones who are barely graduated from the high school and would be working on the minimum wage of the jobs for the rest of their lives.

Anyone who is wearing a uniform who could help you with anything: There is an idea that you could generally approach as the ones who are wearing a uniform can help you with anything that you require. Say for example if you walk up to a guy holding up a mop and ask where the raisins are, then it’s obvious that you are never ever going to get the right answer. So if you are an adult then you should not be holding your hand through the same store pointing out at everything mentioned on your shopping list.

Customers do not want to speak to live agents anymore: Although customers could self-serve through the online support and get the answers for the questions that they have in their mind that does not mean that they need to eliminate the needs of the live agents available. In a research study conducted by Gartner one third of the customer service interactions would still require the support of human intermediary.

Customers don’t mind being kept on hold: This is something that is quite obvious. Customers here are frustrated with the level of service that they have been experiencing. Say for example more than 90% of the customers are being put on hold for a longer period of time. The quick and effective solution here is offering your customers a call back instead of letting them being on hold.

So are there any other myths that you and your organization are familiar with? How have you been dealing with it? Do leave your thoughts and comments below.

Author Bio: Abhishek Jain has over 10 years of experience within the BPO Industry and Contact Center Service India and Malaysia .Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services delivers and manages various offshore/onsite projects in various technologies and domains.

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