You’d be surprised to find that the traditional mattresses actually have in their components lots of chemicals.  There are times at which you can smell the chemicals, mainly if you just bought the mattress.

We’re sleeping on these mattresses, meaning we expose ourselves to these chemicals for a very long time. So looking for the best healthier option would not be such a bad idea, considering the fact that you also have to take into account the environmental impact of the mattress, too. Mattresses can be the reason behind the consumption of fossil fuel and the application of pesticides.

Even if you know how things work, buying a mattress may not always be that easy. Also, the sellers will always seem optimistic when it comes to the so-called eco-friendly mattresses and will always find a way to make you believe they’re the real deal, when in fact, they’re not even close.

We’ve written this article to give you a few ideas to follow when you’re shopping for mattresses.

Make sure it’s entirely made of natural materials

Always, always make sure you see the components of the mattress. There are some favorite eco-friendly materials, and those are cotton, latex and wool. You should keep in mind that the synthetic materials, such as memory foam or polyurethane are a no-go, definitely not environmentally friendly.

Check the percentage of the natural materials, too

On the label, you might see that the natural latex is a component, but that doesn’t mean that it’s necessary the primal material. The sellers are going to proudly say that the mattress is an eco-friendly one, just to sell it. Instead, that mattress might have about 10% of natural content and 90% synthetic composition.

Just go to the safe route and ask right away about the percentage of the natural content when you go to the showroom. To make sure you get the real answer, ask to see some evidence that he’s being honest. The proof might be standing right in front of you – the manufacturer’s tag which is sown to the mattress. You may also find it in an informational brochure, or even online.

You can even ask to see a sample of the inner cross-section of the very mattress that you want to buy, or you can actually unzip the mattress cover to see it for yourself.

Ask about the sustainable and eco-friendly materials

If it’s indeed an eco friendly mattress, it will not only be composed out of natural materials. It should also be crafted in a sustainable manner and present a low carbon footprint.

To be exact, if you want to buy a latex mattress, see if the latex is from plantations which have been managed properly and in a sustainable way. Also, keep in mind that new trees should continuously be planted.

If it truly means something for you to buy green, you should get to know the details. If you’re going to a famous mattress shop, the seller will not have any intention to trick you and will be more than happy to give you all the details that you need in order to buy the best mattress that suits for you.

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