BUFFALO, N.Y. — Few talk about him, and yet he lingered like a shadow on the nation’s top team.

He does not get the same shine or national publicity as his more talked-about teammates in Zion Williamson and R.J. Barrett, but Cam Reddish is the forgotten–yet talented–third wheel of the Duke Blue Devils.

With the 2019 NBA Draft Lottery done and the real Draft right around the corner, it is widely assumed that his former teammates will he selected in the top three.

But what about him? Where will he land?

As I noted over in our sister site, The Spectator Magazine, Reddish is perhaps the ultimate draft wildcard as he can land anywhere from 4-10.

And if he drops, it would be a mitigated disaster of epic proportions.

Thanks to averaging 13.5 points, 3.7 rebounds and 1.9 assists in 36 games down in Durham, Reddish translates more into a 3-D/wing defender and athletic wing who can guard the three.

In today’s Age Of The Three, Reddish may not have the highlight reel dunks of Zion or the smooth scoring ability of Barrett, but Reddish–if he’s in the right system–could be an immediate contributor for the right team.

It’s sad that in Duke’s version of “The Big Three” that he was the Chris Bosh to Zion’s LeBron and Barrett’s Dwyane Wade.

Which in the end, might not be so bad after all.

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