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How to Carry Out Concrete Waterproofing in Swimming Pools

Waterproofing is an essential aspect of swimming pool construction. Concrete absorbs water, and therefore, proper waterproofing is necessary. It keeps the water in the pool from leaking out and prevents the seepage of groundwater. Cementitious coating and waterproof barrier products are essential to form a bond with concrete. This is because the composition is similar and also as polymer bonding agents strengthen it. Finishing options include plaster, adhesives, and overlays.

Cementitious coatings are not vulnerable to failure due to moisture vapour transmission. The coatings can be applied days after the concrete Waterproofing has been poured and the gunite has been placed. This leads to a faster setting. When restoring swimming pools, the substrate has to be dried out totally before the application of waterproofing. This is because polymer coating systems cannot be applied to substrates that are not dry. But cementitious products are moisture-tolerant. To apply waterproofing coatings on large surfaces such as swimming pools, spray equipment can be used. This is more economical as compared to application with a brush or a trowel. However, if the substrate is irregular, then applying the coating with brush or roller ensures complete coverage.

Concrete Waterproofing
Concrete Waterproofing

Risks of improper waterproofing

Leaks may develop due to improper waterproofing. This can result in water loss, cause damage to the vicinity, and also destroy the plaster/finish coat. The reinforcing steel in the concrete could also be damaged.

Factors to consider when selecting swimming pool waterproofing


Even for aesthetics, waterproofing coatings work well with all types of tile adhesives, plasters, or different finishes. Tiles and pool poster are not waterproof, so using a waterproofing membrane is vital for the long life of the pool.

Hydrostatic pressure

An important factor when selecting a waterproofing product is the resistance to negative-side hydrostatic pressure. This is the water pressures that passes through the concrete substrate and presses on the back of the coating. The coating’s purpose is to keep water in the pool from leaking, and also to make sure that groundwater does not infiltrate the pool. But with the accumulation of groundwater or even rainwater, it may travel through the concrete from the outside. This creates negative-side hydrostatic pressure behind the coating. In many cases, the coating bubbles up and fails. To prevent this, a base/first coat that can deal with the hydrostatic pressures is essential.

Water sanitation

The use of proper water chemistry is essential to maintain safe and consistent swimming pool functioning. When selecting the waterproofing material and the finishing coat, the sanitation of the pool has to be kept in mind. For instance, if the waterproofing does not have a finishing coat, then it is essential to consider the fact that it will be in direct contact with the water and the chemicals. Therefore, the coat has to be selected in such a way that it can function well under such circumstances. In individual pools, the chlorine content is high, and there are also other chemicals like ozone and bromine. These chemicals can cause harm to the pool coating. Discolouration and breakdown can also take place.

Concrete Waterproofing
Concrete Waterproofing

pH Level

When choosing the right waterproofing products, it is essential to keep the water’s pH level into consideration. When the pH level falls outside the optimal range, then pools plasters may become discoloured and face extreme wear and tear.

This list is not exhaustive, but it is an excellent place to begin. If one follows these guidelines, then other potential issues can also get highlighted, which need to be addressed before the waterproofing is done.

Proper concrete waterproofing can extend the life cycle of the swimming pool. It is an investment and necessary for adequate pool functioning.

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