The short answer is yes. Although traditionally two parents were considered necessary for the family unit, there are now approximately one million single-parent families. In nearly 80% of these cases, it’s a single mother but single-fathers are increasing.

Although people make a commitment to stay together, it has become socially acceptable to be a single parent. Regardless of the family setup, every child has the potential to be successful.

Of course, in order to decide if your child has been successful, you’ll need to define what successful is. To some, it’s reaching the top of industry. To others, it’s simply living a good life.

The Right Home Life

All children need a stable home where they can feel safe and able to express themselves. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a single parent or your child has four parents. The key to giving them a stable start in life is to be there for them.

In most cases, you’ll have a schedule and this creates patterns when they know you’ll be there. That gives them the security that allows them to try new things, knowing they have you as a fallback.

Trying new things is essential to building success, all children need to be open to new experiences.

Support Structure

As a single parent, you have to recognize that you can’t do everything yourself. You need a good support structure. In many cases, this is your family. They can pick up your child and be there when it’s not possible for you to be.

But, don’t underestimate the importance of quality Liverpool childcare. A good childcare provider will reinforce the lessons you’re teaching and support your goal of making your child independent. They can also handle the education side of things, ensuring your time with your child is pure quality. That creates the bond which will help your child handle anything that is thrown at them.


One of the most important aspects of childcare is communication. This is a two-way street, especially when you’re a single parent as your child may have strong emotions about the break-up or the missing parent.

You need to talk to your child daily to ensure they are aware of their own worth. It’s also important to give them a chance to speak to you. When your child talks you shouldn’t judge them, listen, and offer advice. This will help them to believe n their own actions.

If they get it wrong then help them learn from their mistakes.

Let them Be Children

One of the hardest things about being a single parent is the difficulty in finding the balance between being a friend and disciplining them. The key is to create boundaries and ensure they have the space to simply be children. This is one of the best ways for them to learn and develop as people and deal with emotions. When you have free time focus on having fun together, it’s good for both of you.

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