You may have discovered that you are now playing detective in your home by using a magnifying glass on chunks of dirt around your home. Sometimes you wonder if they are rat droppings or not.  Here are some ways on how to recognize if there are pests around your home. When you don’t know how to recognize the signs of pests in your house, it may get you easily nervous. However, you will be smarter next time to recognize the true signs of common domestic bugs and rodents after reading this article. It will also help you to know when you need the pest control services of pest control in St. Peters.

Four signs of a pest infestation in your home

When it comes to appropriately and discreetly dealing with domestic pest infestations, early prevention is essential.  The earlier you get the services of a pest control expert, the better you can cope with rodents and other pests. You need to keep up to standard with any indication of pest activity in your organization so that professional support can be ensured at the appropriate time.

Take a look at these signs that you and your family can use to detect pest infestation like an expert.

Pest droppings

Pest droppings are a major sign of a pest infestation. Check for almost any faecal drops or urine trails on your property. Note that rats or mice droppings might be easier to recognize than other tinier pests such as bugs. Droppings from these tinier pests are difficult to detect. Thus, you need to conduct a detailed assessment in your home.

Evidence of nesting

Rodents usually create nests from whatever they can access like shredded paper, grains, and leaves. They often nest between walls or in discreet spots like the underfloor. Therefore, regular and thorough checks are important to notice signs of nesting.

Grease marks and stains

Grease stains and marks are another sign of pest infestation in your home. You will see revealing see greasy tracks on the paths that mice or rats walkthrough. You may see darks grease stains on the walls that rats cross through.

Obvious destruction to structures

You will notice obvious damage to structures in your home when a pest is around. These damages may be holes or bite marks on woods, furniture, or wiring. Rodents enjoying gnawing on surfaces. So when you see this, they are around your home. Damaged woods such as shelves or decks might also be a red flag o termite infestation.

Popular pests in Missouri


 Stagnant water allows mosquitoes to breed. If you have any stagnant water around your home, get rid of it. Also, waste that contains spaces like bottle caps, children’s toys can serve as a home for mosquitoes to breed and reproduce. Some mosquitoes are carriers of harmful diseases like Malaria.

Bed bugs

Bed bugs are very tiny but their bite is hurtful than some insect bites. Some may be gotten from hotels. They are very tiny to enter your luggage. Since the EPA has banned the use of some powerful pesticides, it has been difficult for hotel owners for ways to curb bed bug infestations. When you find bud bugs around you, target their locations and use required pesticides.


Termites are wood or cellulose feeders. Almost every home is a target of termites. Termites are unrelenting in their search for a food source. They are found in colonies.

Ants, cockroaches, fleas

They are disturbing pests for both home and office. These insects are common in the spring and summer seasons. They are attracted to dead insects and food. They reproduce fast and spread diseases like Salmonella and Gastroenteritis. Their presence on food can cause food poisoning.



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