At some point during your childhood, you experienced playing video games before we were introduced to the internet, kids went gaga over the family computer. As technology advances, video games also progressed to keep up with the ever-changing needs of players.

When the internet was introduced, we were in awe of what it can do for us. All the information we need is easily accessed in the blink of an eye. Video gaming has transformed so many ways to entertain gamers and today, we are introduced to E-sports.

What are E-Sports?

In general, E-Sports are professional online competitive gaming. This is a competition entirely intended for online gaming. Any game where you can be a winner or loser can be an E-sport, but the more players you have the better.

How Does E-Sport Work?

Most of the known E-sports games are team-based who will compete against each other. Tournaments usually last for a year and end with a culminating event. The tournament is designed to be region specific. Some are also one to one format.

What Online Games can be an E-Sport?

There are a lot of online games that can be an E-Sport and these are RTS (Real Time Strategy), FPS (First Person Shooter), MOBA (Multi-player Online Battle Arena), fighting game, and battle royale games.

Professional gamers contend with different types of games that vary from complex strategic games to violent fighting games. Here is a list of the most popular games played on E-Sports.

· League of Legends: A well-known Multi-player online game that was introduced in 2009. This game has been a part of global tournaments that offers millions of prizes.

· Heroes of the Storm: This game was launched with the intention of the developers to compete with League of Legends in the market. They have the same gaming style with little differences.

· StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm: The is one of the professional gamers’ favorite strategy games of all time. It’s loved not only for its gameplay but story as well.

· Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare: This E-sport game is one of the first online games to establish its Major League Tournaments.

· Hearthstone: Heroes of WarCraft: This is a famous fantasy card game turned into an online video game.

· Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: A legendary fighting game where players shoot, defend, and win a round.

· Street Fighter V: A classic fight game that found its way in E-sport. The goal is to beat your opponent using the Street Fighter fighting moves before your opponent beats you.

Where Can You Watch E-sports?

There are many ways you can watch E-sport tournaments.

1. You can personally go to the tournament venue. They are typically held at major arenas and other large venues, depending on the attendees.

2. You can search for online platforms that will stream the tournament.

How Do Players Earn Money?

E-sport works differently. During tournaments, players do not need an arena or a stadium to compete, they only need a computer and a fast internet connection. With that being said, unlike any traditional sports game, e-sports cannot sell tickets that will help generate income for the organizers, developers, and the players. We will look at ways players earn money from E-sports.

· Sponsorship and Endorsements: With the fast advancement of E-sports, many organizations are willing to sponsor professional gaming teams. Sponsors provide funds in order for the team to keep up with their needs in playing.

· Prize Money: E-sport games are known to give millions of prizes to the winning team.

· Selling Team Merchandise: This is one of the basic ways players can earn money. They sell team merchandise, and this is proven to be marketable amongst avid E-sport fans.

Today, many leagues give fixed income and benefits to professional gamers as long as they stay in the competition.

How Can You Earn Money by Betting in E-Sports?

E-sport betting is not different from other sports betting. Even if you are new to E-sport betting, the process is easy to understand. Some people bet on E-sports with the notion that betting is a game of chance. E-Sport is a game of skill and strategy similar to betting, you can bet strategically and skillfully on the players.

E-sport betting requires online registration. You may register at Once the registration is completed, you need to deposit your bet in your virtual wallet. Once the bet is ready you can find a match and make a bet. Let this be your strategic guide to online betting.

· Bet on the Games You Are Familiar With

It will be great if you bet in the games you have played before. This is because you have will have an idea on the strategies, tactics and line of attacks to beat your opponent. Being familiar with the game makes it easy for you to anticipate the flow of the game. Some of the games E-sport fans can win are:

§ League of Legends: The most popular E-sport game in the world.

§ Dota 2: This game has the leading prize for all tournaments; it has the largest community which can offer quite a lot of chances to earn.

§ Counter-Strike: Global Offensive: Classic Fight game, prize pool starts at $ 1,500,000.

· Get to Know the Professional Gaming Teams

Research on the best team playing the games you are betting. Always remember the nuance shared on all social media platforms about the team. Check the team’s winning history.

With E-sports, historical data are always available and can easily be found. So, make sure you will not make a bet on the team you know nothing about.

· Start Your Bet Small

If you are just starting, do not bet a large amount of money. Start your bet small just for you to be acquainted with the do’s and don’ts of E-sport betting.

· Bet Silently

Trust your own knowledge about the team you are betting. Do not be easily persuaded by all the information you hear from loud talkers.

· Find Easy Bets for Beginners

There are beginner friendly bets that you can try on E-Sports. Some of them are, taking bets on who gets to kill first on Dota 2. This bet is known as the “first blood”. Another easy bet is called the “Pistol Round”. This bet is for the game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive; you just have to bet on whom you think will win the first round.

· Choose your Bookmaker Wisely

E-sport is becoming more popular around the world and the presence of fake bookmakers cannot be avoided. Be sure to research well about your bookmakers. It is safe to go for well-known and reputable bookmakers.

· Be Ready to Lose

Just like any other sports betting event, winning will be unpredictable. No matter how you research the best team. You are not in control of winning. Always be ready to lose and let go.

If you lose on a bet, take a break; do not bet on the same game. Find other games to bet on or stop betting for the day.

No matter what sport or recreation you are betting, it is important to know your limits. Learn to say no and learn when to stop. Do not allow yourself to be addicted and to be in debt just to be able to bet. Do not stress yourself too much. You should set your limits and balance your activities.

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