If you could choose absolutely any machine in the world, what kind of car you’d be driving? Is there a particular make or model that holds special meaning or simply calls out to you every time you look at it?

Well, research suggests that people instinctively give human traits to cars that look or sound a certain way. Narrow headlights are aggressive and dominant, while larger windscreens lend themselves well to the illusion of happy ‘faces.’ This is why some drivers react more powerfully to some cars. They can feel a connection. So when we buy cars today, we must consider their personality traits as well.

Cars too have personalities and it’d be best if we could all find machines such as the Tesla Accessories Model 3, that complement our characters. If you have ever wondered what kind of car you should be driving, well wonder no more.

Let’s find out the right car for all the manly personalities out there:

The Stud – Aka The ‘Aston Martin’ Man

Aston Martins are undoubtedly the most favorite car of James Bond, and he has driven many different cars in his career as an International Man of Mystery. The man knows what he’s about.

In 2012, Aston Martin celebrated 100 years of production, and to commemorate the occasion the manufacturers released the Aston Martin Vanquish 310. And that’s the car for you if you like driving around the town, all decked out in a tuxedo and a license to kill (with your smoldering good looks, of course).

The Smooth Talker – Aka Mr. Deadly-Like- A-Jaguar

In the jungle, Jaguars are known for their speed, agility, and elegance. Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson once described the Jaguar XK model as “pant-wettingly pretty”. A coincidence? We think not!

Jaguar is the perfect car for the environmentally responsible man about town. And with an electric upgrade, Jaguar’s the car that’ll help you look cool and be environmentally friendly as well. It employs the latest technology that is cleaner, safer and more fuel-efficient than older models. And of course, this car is one of the most beautiful ones ever made. In fact, it can’t be ignored.  When you spot a Jaguar on the road, you want to turn around and give it a second glance at least. Just like you, it demands attention, adoration, and respect wherever it goes.

The Overachiever – Winning Like A ‘Lotus’

Speed, performance and the unforgivable drive to win personifies a Lotus. The Lotus F1 team is a testament to the fact that this car was made to win on the track, and on the road as well. In fact, since it’s debut in 2012 at the US Grand Prix, the car has created a formidable winning record for itself.

This is the perfect car for the man who only knows success. Take your pick from Elise, Evora and Exige models. We promise you won’t regret it.

The Daredevil – Fulfilling Your Need for Speed Like a ‘McLaren’

Do you feel the need? The need… for speed?

Only 106 road-ready models of McLaren F1 were ever produced. And the world’s most celebrated adrenaline junkie’s have already staked their claim in a McLaren of their choice. Rowan Atkinson aka Mr. Bean has one and he is proud of it. In fact, it’s his favorite car to drive around the town in.

McLaren is a beautiful car with serious performance specs to satisfy the daredevil in you.

The Musician – You Need a Guitar Case on Wheels!

The Mini Cooper is perfect for the chilled-out, laid-back musician who wants to go from concert to the club and back, in the most economical way possible. And it is a lot roomier than what it looks like. The Mini Cooper was heralded as the “European Car of the Century” last year, and for a good reason.

It is a great drive, roomy enough to fit all your bandmates and their equipment, small enough to inconspicuously carry you cross-country and therefore rewarded as one of the top five auto products to be produced in the UK.

The Entrepreneur – Roam Your Kingdom in a Land Rover

Yours is the next big name in the industry, and it’s only natural you need a car that matches that description as well.  Land Rover and Range Rover are sister vehicles, and nearly 300,000 of these vehicles are produced every year. The car offers you some state-of-the-art modern amenities, so you have plenty of functional options to help you impress your clients and customers in style. And to top it all off, Range Rover is an extremely good looking car.

The Bold Family Guy – The Hatchback for The Household

Gone are the days when you had to live with a very functional but somewhat ugly vehicle all in the name of family fun. What you need is the Skoda Kodiaq. It’s a highly functional 4×4 seven-seater that looks good, drives great and has enough room for the whole family and grandparents included.

But what sets it apart is the car’s striking good looks. This gentleman is no soapbox. You can conquer the hearts of feral kids by taking them, on an ice-cream run, in it. Or you could conquer the wilderness with its superior SUV capabilities; the sky’s the limit here really.

The Young, Rich Dreamer – Tesla Lets You Step into The Future

No ignition, no oil, no gas, no gears and no need to unlock the car manually. You can control every single aspect of the car remotely, from the temperature to the volume and even the height and scrolls on the steering wheel. The Tesla Model X is a marvel of modern engineering and it can be yours. And FREE GAS! No really, all Tesla owners get free electricity to charge their vehicles at thousands of locations across the globe so your electric car is truly efficient in every single sense of the word.

The Last Word

Just like our wardrobe, our home, and other accessories, our cars can also give on-lookers an insight into our personalities. The car you drive says a lot about you as a person and a professional. That’s why it is important to invest in a car that is best suited to your nature and lifestyle. Hopefully, you have discovered the right vehicle for you with us!


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