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Touchbistro POS: Common Mistakes Made When Choosing POS Systems

Restaurant businesses, like many other businesses, have their ups and downs. However, when you are in the hospitality business, it is required of you to take steps to improve the experience of your customers in order to boost reviews and patronage. A great part of boosting customer experience is choosing and setting up a POS system to handle payments in the restaurant. While there are several options to choose from
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How Does Mean Stack Developer’s Salary Affect His Productivity

Have you always struggled with keeping your MEAN stack development team motivated? Whether you are in the tech industry or any other industry, workers are always grappling with different life situations and shifting through moods. Consequently, they end up losing focus which affects the overall productivity of your entire workforce.  Today, employee satisfaction among development teams goes beyond the monetary benefits. More and more developers are having to weigh between
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Business: Advantage Of Investing Your Money In The Fashion Industry

When it comes to investing, people know this is something that they should do. People also know that they have a lot of investment options and opportunities available to them. The only problem is that they just don’t know where to invest this money. Sure, some options are always going to guarantee a return, but that return is so slight that your children will be grown before you reap any
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Personal Finance: How to Save the Most Money On Groceries

Regardless of the family size, grocery shopping is expensive. In the US, every household spends an average of $300 for groceries every month. Yes, that is indeed a lot of money since it covers everything that the family needs from food to toiletries. Since groceries are consumables, it needs to be replenished regularly. But unlike your utility bills, you can make some significant adjustments to your groceries to save money.
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Bridging The Gap Between Buyers And Sellers: Best Practices For Tech M&A

Tech companies, especially startups often go through mergers and acquisitions. It can become a lengthy process. Better understanding and synergy between buyers and sellers be beneficial for all parties involved. Mergers and acquisition are terms used to describe the integration of companies through various types of financial transactions. Some of these agreements or transactions are but not limited to tender offers, purchasing of assets, acquisitions, mergers, and management acquisitions. The
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Life Lessons From Entrepreneurs We All Need To Learn

The life of an entrepreneur comes with numerous lessons, whether it's relating to the best marketing tactics, or how to conduct yourself, being an entrepreneur means that lessons are in abundance, and run the gamut. With this in mind, what are the biggest lessons that entrepreneurs like yourself need to learn? Your Pedigree Doesn't Determine Your Success It's so easy for us to assume, from the outside, that those that
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Three Exciting Career Options For Independent People

If you know you’re a fiercely independent person, chances are you don’t enjoy having someone breathing down your neck while you’re at work. You work hard regardless of whether your boss is checking up on your productivity. (If anything, you work even harder when you’re left to your own devices.) As an independent person, it can be hard to find a job that suits you down to the ground. Whether
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Money: Is Regal Assets Worth Investing In?

Making extra money online has never been more popular, but it’s also never been more dangerous. There are so many dodgy sites out there, run by people with no consideration for other people and their finances. I know a number of people who have been hoodwinked by these kinds of websites; they claim they’ll take you under their wing and help you make a fortune overnight. A lot of the
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Personal Finance: Five Tips For Saving Money!

We would all probably like to have some funds put to one side for a raining day, however, not as many people actually achieve the goal of saving anything at all. This is normally down to lack of knowledge, over spending and unexpected bills. It can be easier than you think to start savings, it’s all down to how you manage your money and putting a realistic budget into place.
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How to Make Money Without Leaving the House

With almost everything going digital, there are now just plenty of opportunities for you to make money without leaving your house. All you really need is the internet and your laptop, desktop, or even mobile phone. You don’t necessarily have to build an online store and sell some goods online to make money on the cyberspace. There are some interesting and even fun things that you can do online while