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Iraq Follows in Saudi Footsteps on Oil-Price Curbs

Iraq is a top producer of OPEC and has followed the footsteps of Saudi Arabia by slicing prices for April crude sales, whereas a reduction by the United Arab Emirates UAE lessened in comparison to the kingdom. The crude oil has gone down to $30 per barrel. It is causing turmoil beyond the oil market as the price war involving Saudi Arabia, and Russia threatens budgets in countries that are
Inheritance tax
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Things you need to know about inheritance tax

Losing someone close to you is always difficult. But the whole situation can become even harder when there is some money and lots of paperwork involved. Depending on the state you live in and inherit in, when you’re a beneficiary to the deceased’s will, you may be liable for an inheritance tax (often mistaken with an estate tax or a capital gains tax). And though you’re never left on your
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Personal Finance: Four Steps Women Can Take To Shore Up Retirement!

According to the World Health Organization, women live longer than men, on average, by 6 to 8 years. Although women have a longer lifespan, they save less for retirement. In fact, according to the 2019 report of the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Workplace Benefits, women land up to retirement with 70,000 dollars less compared to males. Does this report mean women are worse at saving money? Well, practically not.
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6 Key Aspects To Choose A Currency Broker

Choosing a currency broker can create a lot of uncertainty for traders just starting out in the Forex market. This is independent of the type of broker that we want to select and that we have already seen their differences. When one goes to buy a home, its exterior appearance, its design, its decoration, etc. are not enough. Surely, we want to know if your pipes are in good condition
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Where to go for Small Loans? How to Find the Right Lender

There are many ways to go about the application for small loans as a borrower. However, what makes for a good lender? Where to get an instant payday loans? How do you know where you'll find the best terms? And, how do you avoid predatory small loans from lenders, even if you don't have the best credit score? Let's delve into where to begin when applying for loans, what to avoid,
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6 Factors to Consider Before Getting Business Broker Services in Singapore

If you’re in Singapore, you can either sell your business on your own or hire a broker. There are many business broker services in Singapore that can help you gain access to a large pool of buyers and be able to sell your business at the right price.Brokers for business helps match sellers and buyers. They speed up the selling process for sellers while they provide buyers the business that
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3 Ways to Save Money With Time Clock Software

Time clock management software can help you save time and money. A time clock software will make your job easier in a number of ways. It can help track when employees are in the office, when they are on vacation, tell you who is working overtime, and prevent buddy punching. Even better, it will also save you money in the process. By better calculating employee pay, tracking overtime expenses, and
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5 Keys to Successfully Improve Your Financial Situation

If you are reading this article, it is probably safe to say that you don’t view your current financial situation as ideal. Your financial obligations are most likely preventing you from saving money, never mind being able to enjoy some luxuries like the occasional vacation. Educating yourself on how money works is the key to unlocking a worry free financial future. You don’t have to be a money guru to
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Money: Ways Of Investing One Million Dollars Wisely As Revealed By Experts

Do you remember the time when you were little and received a huge amount of money from any of your relatives as a gift for either achieving good grades or maybe something else? If you do, you must remember that as a child you usually have definite likes or dislikes and therefore you wanted to spend the money on buying your favorite toy or getting the new costume dress of