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Tighten It Up: 5 Surprising Benefits of Vaginal Rejuvenation

Everyone wants to feel and look good all the time. To do this, you must learn how to maintain good health and hygiene. Some people undergo different types of surgeries to achieve the looks they want. One of the known procedures of today is called vaginal rejuvenation which is commonly done by a woman in other places. Vaginal rejuvenation is usually done by couples who want to enhance their sexual
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Sex: Why So Many Younger Guys Are Taking Viagra

Thanks social media, men live in a sexualized world where scantily-clad women are seemingly everywhere. One of the biggest drawbacks is due to such visual over-stimulation that more younger men are turning to viagra to enhance their sexual prowess. Is that wise? Read more now! Erectile Dysfunction: It is a medical condition where a man has difficulty in getting erection or keeping it for long enough for sex. It is
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The Best Western vs. Asian Dating Sites: Celebrate a Match with Cupid

Online dating sites are gaining popularity all across the world. These websites are suitable for adults of all age groups and from any community. Although all the online dating sites claim to be the best at helping you find a suitable partner, there are many that do not actually work in real life. It is better to avoid such dating websites that are just spammers. But, the question is how
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Dating: Should Women Feel Safe Calling a Chat Line?

Women, both cisgender and transgender, should feel safe going through their daily lives and enjoying the same activities as men. But do women feel safe in all situations, especially dating and meeting new people? Not always. For some women, the answer is that they rarely feel safe. If you’ve been the recipient of creepy messages, non-consensual dick pics, online or offline harassment, and other dangerous behavior while talking to people,
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7 Sex Toys to Spice Things Up (for Married Couples Too!)

If you’re in a relationship and want to take things up a notch behind closed doors, we’ve got you covered. Sometimes using a sex toy can reignite lost passion, show your partner you’re open to exploring, and even make things more fun for both of you. The thing is, there are a million different kinds of toys out there and deciding which ones to introduce to your sex life can
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Relationships: Must Know Tips for Using Sex Toys as a Couple

Are you and your partner looking for ways to spice things up in the bedroom? Though there are plenty of studies documenting what types of sex toys women use, (did you know 78% of women own a vibrator?) , the truth is, more men than ever are welcoming sex toys into the bedroom to make sex more pleasurable for both themselves and their partner. If this sounds like something you
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Relationships: Tips to Have the Best Phone Sex Experience

Phone sex is a fun, frisky and safe way for two consenting adults to enjoy each other’s company – without actually having to be in each other’s company. By doing this, you can simulate some form of sexual activity and get the fix you need in a controlled and enjoyable environment. What’s best is that you can do this in the comfort of your own home – or wherever takes
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La Femme: 8 Techniques To Feel Sexy All Day Long!

Who wants to live the day drained and feeling unapproachable? Nobody. Unfortunately, for some of us, that is our everyday lives. But it is about to change. Yes, you need to look sexy to feel sexy, but you can also feel attractive by raising positive vibrations within yourself. Sounds complex, but in reality, all it takes is a change in lifestyle. So, are you ready for this? Follow these techniques
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Finding the Right Form of Contraception for Your Lifestyle

Contraception comes in various forms and some are better than others, depending on your lifestyle habits. When looking at all of the different options out there, it can be overwhelming trying to pick the right one. Whether you’re using birth control as a form of contraception or to aid in a medical condition, no two are alike. Here is a guide to help you figure out what options could be
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Men: Your Options for the Best Solutions in Sexual Issues

Penis size is a concern for many men. From adolescence, they compare, measure, and wonder if they are "normal". In fact, all penis sizes exist and cases of micropenis (less than 4 cm at rest, less than 7 cm erect) are rare. Physical and psychological discomfort The flourishing of sexuality does not depend on the size of the penis. Some men, however, feel a physical or psychological discomfort. Cosmetic surgery