The debate over CBD Gummies versus CBD Oils is one that will rage on all of the time. It is a personal choice, however, if you have all the right information, it is a decision you can make for yourself and one that will be best for your particular life and health.

Of course, there is a personal taste preference at play here. Some individuals love a collection of delicious CBD Gummies, while others don’t agree with the taste or texture. And when it comes to oils, not everyone likes to place them under their tongue to get the full benefits, so their preferences are limited.


Classic versus New

Many think of the CBD Oils as the original of the Cannabidiol or CBD products. If this is more true, then the Cannabidiol Gummies are the new product.


Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum

Full Spectrum – this is when the CBD product uses the entire plant and its benefits, which includes the naturally occurring amalgams. There is a bottomless level of therapeutic benefits to this type of CBD. This means there will be a trace amount of THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol. It is less than 0.3 percent, but it will show up on a drug test, not matter how it affects you.

Broad Spectrum – This type of CBD product is THC-free. This option seems to be better for those individuals that have random drug tests at work or for school. It is also better for those people who may be taking prescription medication. You may still experience the effects of a THC included product, but it will be mild compared to the full spectrum products.


Lifestyle Choices

CBD Oils – not everyone has the time to sit with drops of oil under their tongue and wait for the effects of the product. People are busy and want to get on with their day and all the activities that go along with being an adult. CBD Oils seem to work a bit faster for many individuals when it comes to taking effect, however waiting for that could be a trade off.

CBD Gummies – one of the benefits of the Gummies is that they are convenient. Just pop one in your mouth and enjoy. Of course, it may take a few extra minutes for the effects to take hold because the compound needs to enter your bloodstream, which takes a bit longer than the oil under the tongue.

Another benefit of the CBD Gummies is that they are pre-measured and ready to eat. There is no measuring, no guessing, and no mess. They are the exact amount you want for your CBD needs.


Trial and Error

You may need to experiment with both CBD Gummies and CBD Oils before you find what is right for you. Besides personal preferences, you will need to consider your individual body. Things like your metabolism, your weight, your genetic makeup, your medical conditions and pharmaceutical medications, and many other factors.

If you stick with this, you will find whichever CBD product will both benefit your body as well as your lifestyle.




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