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Cheap and Simple Hacks in Copying Your Favorite Celebrities’ Styles

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When it comes to fashion, celebrities are among those people who always know what’s up. Some of the clothes they wear even become iconic like the Ferris Bueller bathrobe. We often look up to them to cop their styles. However, from head to toe, they usually wear designer items. And we, regular people, cannot afford those. So, here are some hacks for you if you want to sport your favorite celebs’ style.

Mix Basics with Trends

A fashionable way to up your basic outfits is to mix them with trendy or statement pieces. If you can’t afford to buy expensive pieces all the time, you could invest your money in a couple of expensive trendy pieces instead and go cheap on the basics.

Because you will wear out the basic pieces much faster, you can easily replace them with affordable ones. Trendy pieces are worn less often because they are intended to make a statement. They will not deteriorate as fast as the ones you put on regularly.

Make Sure Everything Fits

The key to making every piece you wear look great is to make sure they are the right size for you. Ill-fitting clothes are a definite no. The dresses and suits that celebrities wear on the red carpet are always tailored perfectly for them. Regardless if clothes are supposed to be oversized or tight fitting, there’s a thin line between what fits or not.

When you go shopping, look for pieces that you think will look great on you, and of course, make sure that they fit your budget. When you go to a fitting room to see how it looks and you seem to be in between sizes, you can have those tailored. Instead of looking for something that’s possibly more expensive, go for the cheaper one and have it resized.

Wear Print on Print

Celebrities are experts when it comes to wearing prints on prints. Instead of making the style look like an eyesore, they somehow manage to make it stylish and on point. Mixed prints are always a tricky business, but celebrities are on top of the game.

The key to this is to mix differently sized prints. Don’t wear two large prints at the same time, and that goes for two small prints, too. When you wear a top with small floral prints, go for a bottom with large prints. Then, when accessorizing, keep it to a minimum. Don’t reach for your flashy jewelry because everything will clash.

Stop Washing Your Clothes After Every Wear

You probably think it’s gross and, yes, clothes should be clean. However, washing frequently makes the fabric and colors wear and fade faster. Your clothes will look cheap and old after a few uses if you wash them every time. What you can do is to put them in the freezer. Yes, it’s not just a place for ice cream. Freezing can help remove the smell off your clothes. Put them in a sealed plastic bag, freeze them overnight, and you can wear them again as good as new. However, don’t forget to wash them now and then.

Use Shapewear

Creases and bumps are rarely, if not never, seen on the red carpet. Why? Because they are unsightly and cause a distraction. Visible bra and panty lines are a straight way to look cheap and laughable at an elegant red carpet premiere. Celebrities usually have tailor-fitted underwear under their clothes, but some of them also use shapewear. If shapewear is not on the budget, opt for well-fitted undergarments instead. Make sure they are snug and not ill-fitting, so they don’t show on the outside.

Try Playing with Lengths

Celebrities are known for pushing the limits when it comes to fashion. They are masters of tricky styles like mixing prints and, of course, playing with lengths. They key here is to find balance. If you are wearing a long sleeved top, you can pair it with shorts or miniskirts.

It’s also a good rule to follow when it comes to showing off the skin. While celebrities are perfectly comfortable with showing more skin than anyone else, maybe you aren’t. One way you can still look classy like a celebrity is to balance the amount of skin you are showing off. If you wear a low cut top or one with an open back, you should cover your bottom half. On the other hand, if you want to show off your long legs, wear something that doesn’t show much cleavage or back.

Looking as fashionable as your favorite celebrity is not that hard after all. Open your closet right now and try these hacks!

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