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Style: The On and Off Going Trends in the Fashion World

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Fashion houses spend a lot of time and money to make or predict a latest upcoming fashion trend or style and set out the motion for the people to uplift its hype and glamour. However, trends no longer dictate any particular style as designers try to find the missing link in the fashion style, whether or not the trend would follow up to be a success in the clothing line or not.

Since the fashion trend sets out the pace for online boutiques and cute clothing stores, there is no knowing if a particular fashion trend style could be consciously adapted by the women or not.

Fashion designers usually clamor trends and fashion styles to pave the pathway for the media and boost the trend, sometimes they try to blend their own independent perspectives inadvertently to trigger past trends.

However, fashion trends are never spontaneous or constant, they can go on and off in the fashion world or adapt any alternative approach thus being inspired by subtler ways of colors or to embrace upon any artistic idea without making it too obvious.

The Consumer and the Fashion: Convincing the consumer for a particular upcoming fashion trend is easy, provided with the media attention, advertising tactics, celebrity endorsement or with the help of fashion related articles or blogs.

Breaking the consumer to like or adapt a fashion trend is not the issue; a designer must have a clear understanding on how the trend will connect with the right audience for the particular apparel fashion wear.

Designers have the ability to move fashion trends in different and unique ways from season to season; resulting in new and interesting interpretations to it, for example; tiger or leopard prints, drawing inspiration from animals, the high white collar classic fashion style from the movie Pulp Fiction which was worn by Uma Thurman and the chic corporate fashion clothing line styles from the movie ‘the devil wears prada’.

Uplifting the Trend Fashion Style: If a designer decides upon to offer a particular fashion design or style, he or she can make it easier for consumers to adapt the trend into practice by making similar style accessories, blending interesting style interpretations on their own terms, crafting diversified ways of wearing the same apparel again and bringing true essence of an artistic concept in a sharper focus.

One of the reasons for fashion trends going on and off is the unique relationships between fashion trends and celebrities. Fashion styles worn by celebrities are considered ‘out of this world’ fashion. Hence, it plays a major part in the decision making process for women.

Fashion trends are also dependent upon labels and brand names as they deliver quality and a sense of identity. Such fashion trends never deviate too far from the fundamentals and principles that generate them.

Thus fashion trends can craft unique identities for women with every choice they make, depending upon their youthful spirit, flirty femininity, female fatale, wild-child playfulness or to highlight their sex appeal and attractiveness.

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