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Chicago Bears: Time to move Jay Cutler


November 14, 2016

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The Chicago Bears are bad. Even with all the injuries they’ve had and now a suspended Alshon Jeffrey they need to shake things up this offseason. Jay Cutler has had some good years in Chicago. Unfortunately for Bears fans, his good just isn’t good enough.

When the Bears had a better defense the pressure wasn’t on Cutler as much. Even with his bad play, the defense would often offset his mistakes. Now the team is in rebuild mode and too much pressure is put on the quarterback who simply can’t get it done on his own. It’s time for the Bears to admit defeat and start fresh next season. So who could be in play for an aging veteran? Here are some teams who should/shouldn’t be on the phone with Chicago come season’s end:

Teams who would benefit:

The New York Jets: Fans could argue, with how bad Ryan Fitzpatrick has been Jay Cutler has been just as bad. Even as Jets fans roll their eyes, there’s no better landing spot for Cutler. As much animosity as there is between Cutler and Marshall, the quarterback has chemistry not only with Marshall but running back Matt Forte. Cutler’s game would be greatly improved with talents like Brandon Marshall, Matt Forte, Eric Decker, and Quincy Enunwa. Throw in the Jets stellar run defense and they’d only have to focus on the terrible passing defense. As bad as Cutler is, there’d be little pressure on him to win games and he’d excel behind a decent offensive line. The Jets might need an extra year to develop their younger QB, bringing in a vet like Cutler for competition would give them their bridge to the new signal caller.

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The Buffalo Bills: Have you ever seen a team start off so great only to keep falling short. That’s the Buffalo Bills in a nutshell. While quarterback Tyrod Taylor has shown glimpses of being their go to QB of the future, he’s not getting it done. Mostly in part to injuries, but also because there’s not much to challenge him. Maybe Cutler might not be brought in to start but a backup plan wouldn’t be too hard to understand. He’d benefit from one of the league’s best rushing attacks and could coast to victory in many games. Putting someone behind Taylor who would challenge his skill level wouldn’t shoot the Bills in the foot. Buffalo has too many depth issues to try and build them all through the draft. Time to check one-off in the offseason.
The Kansas City Chiefs: Remember when San Francisco moved on from Alex Smith? Maybe it’s time for Kansas City to do the same. Or maybe they keep him and give him a bit of competition as well. Each year the Chiefs struggle to get receivers into the end zone and each year they fall short of expectations. Finding a backup role for Cutler or creating some competition for Smith wouldn’t destroy their team. They’re a rush first team who relies heavily on their defense to keep them in games. Sounds like the kind of team the troubled QB needs.

Teams who should pass:

San Fransisco 49ers: Blaine Gabbert and Colin Kaepernick aren’t getting much done in San Fran. Even if Cutler was brought in for competition the team is in disarray as it is. For him to be successful he needs to be on a team that has something already in place. The Niners need to take a good hard look in the mirror and find a way to get their ship back to port. Adding a veteran who struggles in his decision-making to rebuild an entire franchise around would set the team back multiple seasons. He’s not a good fit for them and San Fran shouldn’t even pick up the phone

The Denver Broncos: While it might be tempting to bring him back where it all began, Denver should say “Thanks, but no thanks.” Even though their quarterback has been through his shares of growing pains, Denver has found ways to win football games. Their defense is still better than most and Cutler would do little to improve the team. If the Broncos even sniff at a quarterback this offseason they should make a run at the Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. Someone with big arm strength that can turn the offense into one of the best in the league again. By bringing him in, it’d give their younger quarterbacks much-needed veteran leadership. Denver’s only play, should they choose to make one, should be Tony Romo.

The Houston Texans: While the Texans have made what seems to be the worst offseason acquisition ever in Brock Osweiler they’re still atop their division. Lead by a good defense decimated by injuries Houston has a good thing going. Running back Lamar Miller seems to be carrying the success he had in Miami. JJ Watt will be back to lead the defense. It’d be very appealing for Houston to bring in an Osweiler insurance plan. Hey, Houston. Don’t. The Texans might be able to last one more year under Osweiler and free agency might bare a hidden gem. If Houston does go after a quarterback this offseason, the draft is where they should start. They’re winning now and only will get better when healthy. Sitting on your current quarterback has worked for so many. Houston should do the same.

While Jay Cutler has never been the quarterback to blow the game wide open he’s had his share of success. He won’t be the elite quarterback who turns a team around but he’ll service teams who are a quarterback shy of competitive seasons. Chicago needs to find a way to get out from under his inconsistency and move on. At 32 his career isn’t over yet, but his days of trying to bring a team back from the brink are long gone. Cutler can go to a team and make them winners, but one thing is for sure. He’s done in Chicago.

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