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Watch the Chicago Cubs Game 7 World Series win (Replay) Live stream

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You can watch the Chicago Cubs epic World Series win against the Cleveland Indians tonight on CSN Chicago.

Forget Back to the Future and what the time machine said. I figured there was a glitch in the system last year and what Marty McFly meant to type in was 2016.

It doesn’t matter now. The Chicago Cubs are World Series champions and baseball couldn’t be happier.

This World Series was about a ghost and who could slay theirs first. A half full, half empty fan will say “I’m just glad we made it,” but a real fan wants nothing more than to be called a winner. 1908 was a long time ago, and since then Cubs fans have suffered through losses, setbacks, jokes, and ridicule.

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But, now what?

What can you say about an organization that rode one of the baseball’s non-superstar rosters to 100+ wins, then fought back from a 3-1 series deficit and came out on the winning side?

Where are the jokes now?

Can you honestly not call Kris Bryant the best in MLB without crossing your fingers? Can you not say they don’t have the most dominant pitching staff? And what about Theo Epstien and his “all in” move to acquire Ardnolis Chapman from the Yankees just for this moment?

This series the Cubs learned how versatile they were. The Indians forced them to play their game at first with home runs and a fast pace approach. But the Cubs regrouped after Game 4 and beat the Indians with a mixture of America League power and National League finesse.

MLB couldn’t have scripted a better World Series. Seven games, two up and coming franchises, loyal fan bases and enough history and heartbreak to make even their most hated rival root for them.

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This is what October baseball is all about. The pressure, the strategies, the moment of the goat or the hero. Maybe some fans were happy their team just made it to the series. Too bad for Cubs fans they have an entire offseason of regret for actually winning.

But, I think they will get over it… lol

Congrats, Chicago Cubs.

Now you get to watch it all over again.

Date: Friday, November 4

Start Time: 7:00 p.m. (EST)

TV: CSN Chicago

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