Choosing the right kind of gloves is a crucial step if you want to become a good boxer. It not only improves the quality of training but also takes you a step closer to becoming a professional boxer. An ill-fitted glove is a nightmare for boxers, nobody would want a pair of gloves can pose as a hindrance in the training.

It might appear that choosing the right kind of boxing training gloves is like a piece of cake but it is not. It is easy to just walk into a random sports shop downtown and buy a pair of gloves. However, There might arise instances where you will either not like the quality of the gloves or you will not be happy with the performance it delivers when you are training.

When you are planning to purchase boxing training gloves it is important that you consider the following factors before investing in one:

Measurements For The Right Pair Of Boxing Training Gloves 

The best pair of boxing gloves is the one which fits snug on your hands. This is the easiest way for fighters to choose which boxing training gloves will be apt for them. The sizes of the boxing gloves are typically shown in ounces. The size range can extend from 6oz. to 20oz. which of course are the heavy-weight gloves. In order to find the best pair of boxing training gloves for you, it is important that you measure three things: your weight, your height and the circumference of your dominant hand.

Different Types Of Boxing Training Gloves 

Even though all the boxing gloves look pretty much the same, they all have different functions and are designed in order to perform a specialized task. There are mostly three kinds of boxing gloves that are training related and the other two kinds of gloves are competitive mitts. Each of the design of the boxing training gloves is unique.

#1. Bag Gloves: Bag gloves are mostly used in pad training, heavy bags or speed bags. These bag gloves offer less padding on the knuckles as compared to the other boxing training gloves. While many people might think that these gloves are pretty useless since there is no point in having a product with less padding, these gloves are specifically designed for fighters who like to feel their punches and hence become accustomed to it.

#2. Training gloves: These pair of gloves are great for beginners. They have a lot of padding which allows the fighter to use it for both bag work and also sparring but it does not mean that they are specialized for either of the two.

#3. Sparring gloves: Compared to training gloves, sparring gloves are built for the sole purpose of sparring. They also contain extra padding which not only protects you from injuries but it also protects your partner with whom you are sparring. These gloves will be of the same size as that of the trainers but they are heavier because of the extra padding.

#4. Competition Boxing Glove: These gloves are designed keeping the fight in mind. These gloves have less padding which makes your opponent feel your strikes are heavier. Amateur and professional are the two divisions of competition boxing gloves.

We hope the Best Punch Boxing Gloves guide has helped you make the right choice. Shop online to find your perfect boxing gloves!

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