Millions of people turn to the internet to shop for the top items to sell on Amazon. This is one of the most popular shopping habits online. There are hundreds of thousands of products available to sell on Amazon. However, not everyone knows how to find these products to sell.

Many Sellers Mistakenly Believe

Many sellers mistakenly believe that a product listed on Amazon is the perfect item to sell. It’s hot, it’s new, it’s something everyone is interested in…right? Not always. It can be difficult finding great products to sell on Amazon. Amazon prides itself on offering books, CDs, DVDs, software, and other digital products. While these are all excellent products for sellers to sell, it can become quite a challenge to find these products at bargain prices.

Media Sources

For example, many top items to sell on Amazon come from physical media sources. You may have a great audio CD you love. You may be able to find some of your music CDs for far less on eBay than Amazon or Borders will give you. While it can be tempting to list these CDs for sale on Amazon, the buyers aren’t looking for cheap CD’s. They’re looking for the CDs they want and can’t get at the local store.


The top items to sell on Amazon are the ones that don’t have physical merchandise. Many buyers look on Amazon or Borders for a particular title or author and then buy the book from Amazon. They then buy the e-reader version of the book from Amazon. Or perhaps they’ve read the book and need the hardcover version. In this case, they may be more apt to pay a little more for the book at the website than at the local store.

Audio And Video Tutorials

Other top items to sell on Amazon or on eBay that don’t involve physical products include e-books and audio and video tutorials. These buyers often search for tutorials in a specific subject and then purchase them. Many of these buyers are regular internet users who have grown tired of the regular textbooks or tutorials they have bought. By purchasing an audio or video tutorial on the same subject, they can listen to and learn without having to purchase the actual book. These buyers are willing to pay more for the product but are far more likely to make a sale.

Top items to sell on Amazon and on eBay that involve physical products include spa products, candles, decorative figurines, and other home decorating pieces. These buyers spend a reasonable amount of money on the product they desire and will be more likely to keep ordering the product from you. If you don’t know how to properly price these products, you will not be able to generate enough sales to cover your overhead costs. It is necessary to set a reasonable price on each item to ensure that you make a profit.

Popular Product Categories

When searching for the top items to sell on Amazon or eBay, you should also look for popular product categories that are not being used by many other sellers. A popular category will have more buyers than other similar items. You may think that you are offering an extremely unique product but if other people have already purchased the item, they will not be interested in bidding for it. It’s important to offer a variety of products in different categories so that you have enough items on Amazon or on eBay to meet the demand for the product.

Make Money Online

It is important to sell top products on Amazon or eBay because customers are willing to pay more for the item. By selling top-selling products, you can begin to make money online immediately. However, it’s also necessary to consider your overhead costs before selling anything on Amazon or eBay. You must carefully determine your margins to ensure that you are making a profit. You don’t want to sell products at full price because you will lose money when you pay the difference between the cost of production and the selling price.

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