Julian didn’t give in to the view of naysayers about his life

People try to demotivate you by telling you demoralizing words. This was not the case for Julian Latty because he developed a positive mindset early on. Severally, as a young lad and a grown-up, he was doubted by naysayers. Today, he has answers to their disbelief with the success he has recorded across many life areas. Julian shows that staying strong at your lowest might be all you need not lose track of your objectives. What people say doesn’t define your life. It only becomes a determinant when you allow it.

Being inspired by self-made people and being super ambitious, Julian knew he wanted more in life. It could have been easier to achieve with a college degree, but without one, he put in the hard work needed. Julian didn’t see himself achieving his future dream by working for someone. He went the extra mile to generate ideas, which he found people to invest in to become successful. Greatness requires you do things that others cannot think of. When you desire more, many opportunities will come your way.

Julian keeps expanding his empires not just because he wants to prove naysayers wrong, but because he is a risk-taker. Unlike many people, Julian was always sure of the outcome when he ventures into a business. He owns an Allstate Agency in Virginia Beach, VA, and is currently working to open a new one in Dallas, TX. With his name on two food trucks in Virginia Beach, he showed his selflessness by giving out free meals to Sentara hospital during the pandemic. Giving the burning desire for success, Julian proposed new businesses, including iCanner premier CBD brand, Micro Miner for mining coin, as well as getting into the Marijuana industry being the next in line. Julian’s parents are in real estate and own land in rural virginia. After speaking with his parents about growing on their property they said, yes. The farm will be known as iCanna Farms, an extension of iCanna Premier CBD. We should start our first growth in 2022 sometime and grow THC once it is legalized in Virginia.

Julian has grown to become a humble person because he wouldn’t want to push people away. Being a happy individual shows empathy for people by putting himself in their shoes. Julian is willing to offer help to people now and in the future. Julian grew to become a better person but he maintains his hunger to get to the top by doing the needful. His willingness extends to helping anyone who wants to start a business, educating them, and if possible invest in their ideas.


Julian’s success as an entrepreneur comprised of different elements such as, ability to take a risk, developing the right mindset, not giving up on his dreams, and never listening to the view of naysayers. Anyone can be successful like Julian if they can incorporate these elements into their lives too. Be passionate about whatever you do and develop a burning desire for success. Money may not bring happiness as much as you will derive from your passion and positive results. Being courageous and resistant in difficult times will make you a winner in the long run.

If you wish to learn more about Julian Latty, please visit his instagram page at @glibighandle or go to Home | Cannabis Dispensary – iCanna Premier

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