Once Again, Chris Jericho Leaves WWE For Band Committments

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If you didn’t know already, Chris Jericho’s move to SmackDown Live and his loss in his first match on Tuesday night to Kevin Owens for the United States Title was by design. The 6-time WWE world champion is once again taking his act on the road as he has commitments to his band Fozzy. Reports on various websites have the charismatic champion returning to the company sometime later this year. This is becoming a reoccurring theme for Jericho, who has done some of his best work with the company since returning last year. The feud with Owens after the BFFs split up prior to WrestleMania 33 was masterful and could be one of the best storylines of 2017. It also shows how valuable WWE thinks Jericho is when putting over top and developing talent. The move to break up Jericho and Owens has helped make the current United States Champion the best heel on the company roster. The impending feud with AJ Styles should produce some of the best matches of 2017 and could move the needle for Styles, who has been rumored to take a babyface turn for some time now. According to sportskeeda.com, “Rumors have surfaced that the Ayatollah of Rock n’ Rolla is set to make his return to the company later this year. Jericho’s tour with Fozzy starts soon and they’re also working on a brand new album, so it is safe to assume that Jericho won’t be back for another 4-5 months. However, he might get done with all the Fozzy related work by the end of the year. This could give him the chance to return to the WWE once again.” The potential of a return after SummerSlam or in time for the pay-per-view could provide an interesting twist as Owens and Styles should still be the brand’s two top stars with the emergence of Nakamura as a main event contender. Would a feud with Nakamura be on tap, as Jericho would once again be asked to put the international superstar over? While I am not in favor of veterans moving in and out of the company like interchangeable furniture – like Brock Lesnar, Goldberg, The Rock and at times John Cena, Jericho’s position works because of what he does in the ring and on the mic. He is as solid as he ever has been, and he draws heat like few others in the business. WWE will make good use of his time once he returns. And while he is on “leave” fans will drink in the greatness he leaves behind. Jericho do exactly what he was supposed to do in this current chapter with WWE. He helped make Styles and Jericho great. Now the students move forward to give the fans and company the feud they need and deserve.

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