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Cincinnati Bengals: Brandon Tate unsurprisingly cut

The Cincinnati Bengals have parted ways with Brandon Tate. This comes to the surprise of no one. He has not had an impact on special teams or offense. I believe it’s long overdue. The Bengals are overflowing with young WR’s that want a chance to prove themselves in the NFL.

Tate is the all-time leader in punt return yards for the Bengals. Anyone who watches the Bengals knows that the only reason that he is the leader is because he has so many chances to get yards every game. The Bengals defense has been stellar forcing punts quite often with all those chances he should have way more than 1,411 yards. He only averaged 6 yards per return in 2015 that’s flat awful! Since his career began in 2009 he has only 57 receptions and only 6 touchdowns. The man was a wasted roster space.

The Bengals were too loyal to someone who should have been looking for a job a long time ago. Alex Erickson and Cody Core were the worst thing that could have happened to Brandon Tate as they both shown value at WR and Erickson has shown he can easily replace Tate on punt returns. Brandon Tate doesn’t even have 1,000 yards receiving. He has taken up cap space that could’ve been spent else where.

Brandon Tate should’ve been gone a long time ago, but Bengals Fans rejoice better late than never. Loyalty will only take you so far in the NFL, and it took Tate farther than it should’ve and I honestly feel sorry for which ever team signs him because they will waste money that could go to a better place.

Mark my words that Erickson is something special, and now Tate is gone it’s his time to shine. The Bengals can now thrive with Tate off the team in 2016.

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