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Chris Brown in standoff with LAPD, acting crazy on Instagram (Video)

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Chris Brown has been in his fair share of trouble over the years. Now it appears he’s gone crazy as the LAPD are outside his house. According to TMZ, the R&B singer stuck a gun in a female’s head at his house. As a result, the LAPD showed up at 3 am and are waiting on a search warrant before proceeding. Outside, the police have found drugs and weapons in a duffle bag, and a SWAT Team showed up by 9 am according to TMZ.

If having the LAPD at your house isn’t bad enough, Brown took to social media to call out his haters and talk about the whole situation. As a warning, these videos are NSFW and include a lot of vulgarity.

The videos also don’t make much sense as Brown appears to just ramble on and on. He appears also to be mad at the police in his many profane videos. We don’t know a lot of who was all there and a lot of the specifics that caused the cops to show up.

There was apparently a party, and some uninvited guests showed up, but a trusted source hasn’t confirmed those rumors as of yet.

Brown seems to understand the severity of the issue on Instagram. His videos are long winded, and he appears to be using this whole situation as a publicity stunt to promote his music and other entities. Apparently, that happens many people have made Brown an afterthought.

If there are any more updates to the situation, we will bring it to you here. For those interested in watching aerial shots of his home and the police presence outside can watch it here.

For now, there isn’t really a lot of updates other than the LAPD are in a standoff with Brown and he isn’t coming out of his house at this time. Also, police aren’t aggresively trying to enter his home since they do not have a warrant at this time.

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