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Cleveland Indians: Jason Giambi provides leadership in clubhouse

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For the first time in years, the Cleveland Indians have some strong leadership in the locker room. Tribe veteran designated hitter, Jason Giambi has exemplified that role for Indians manager, Terry Francona in the clubhouse. And, it seems to be working too.

The 42-year-old sees limited playing time and is more of an asset in the dugout than in the line up. Having Giambi on the roster is like having a player/coach combination. The big guy’s knowledge of the game of baseball is unprecedented and Francona has a lot of respect for him. In spring training, Francona asked that every player give him their personal cell number. Ten minutes after he asked, Giambi brought a list in to Francona’s office with all the numbers. Francona was impressed.

The 18-year veteran has also made a new best friend with his new team. Jason Kipnis has taken a serious liking to Giambi and the two players feed off of each other in a positive way. The two are seen in the dugout often chatting and joking around. Giambi definitely pulls the tight-knit team together with his leadership and fun-loving attitude.

From the hitting side of things, Giambi has held his own in the home run (6) and RBI (20) department. His average of .188, not so much. Lately, the Indians have had to use Giambi more in the line-up with the recent injuries. Mark Reynolds has also seen more time at third base instead of DH. That has also opened up more playing time for Giambi.

If and when the playoffs come for the Indians, Giambi will do nothing but help this young and exciting team. Despite his low batting average, the veteran has been a solid addition to this group of hungry young men.

Ryan Ruiz – Cleveland Sports Writer for The Inscriber: Digital Magazine 

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