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Cleveland Indians reportedly trade for Jonathan Lucroy

Its seems that Jonathan Lucroy may be getting shipped out of Milwaukee. Earlier this afternoon, the rumors were having Jonathan Lucroy go to the Mets. However, plans have changed, and that is typical as we get closer to the trade deadline on Monday.

Several baseball sources including Ken Rosenthal and Jeff Pasan are now reporting that the Indians and Brewers are in agreement for Jonathan Lucroy. According to Jerry Crasnick of ESPN, the Cleveland Indians are one of eight teams to be on his no-trade list. However, Cleveland needs a veteran catcher and Jonathan kind of fits that description. The Indians are currently in 1st place in the AL Central, and this trade helps them by supplying the team with more offensive.

As far as how this affects the Indians going further this season, it helps them a lot. The Indians have not gotten a lot of productive from their current catcher Yan Gomes; he has eight homers and 37 RBIs this season. Jonathan Lucroy has 13 homers and over 50 RBIs. Also, he adds leadership to a team doesn’t have many leaders. Ken Rosenthal was one of the first people who tweeted it out; here it is below.

Many people are now thinking where did the Mets screw up on this that they did not land him. According to Jerry Crasnick, the Mets were not going to budge on the third player. As mentioned in an article on Inscriber earlier, I mentioned how Don Smith was being rumored to be the third player. Apparently, the Brewers had no interest in him. It is still unknown at this point who the other people who were in this deal.


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