Trent Dilfer, Rob Lowe and other big name critics of Colin Kaepernick were all on their high horse talking out of their ass a few weeks ago about him being wrong without understanding his motive have confused me recently.

It’s not about what the actions of a few football players, it’s all a deflection with the real issue, and that’s the issue that police officers abuse innocent men and woman everyday, and that good officers are being slain by those who are retaliating. Sounds like a gangland episode, doesn’t it.

Many times athletes speak, they get judged on their grammar, intellect, or other ways that bash their “credibility,” yet people praise people like OJ Simpson who stayed silent but were secretly narcissistic. We often look at athletes and ask them to not be personal with the media in light that they may offend people by their words.

I’ve refrained from being openly vocal about this story but after learning what 49er QB Colin Kaepernick was referring to, I understand what he’s trying to accomplish. I do wish he didn’t sit during the national anthem, but that’s not my place to judge him, he’s a man who can make his own decisions, one way or the other.

You see, in life, people can comment on social media links about what THEY want, because THEY believe it’s what’s right. Like a spoiled child, they react and attack, instead of observe and critique. It’s not anyone’s fault, there are plenty of examples of how poor the institutions work.

We should praise athletes like Kaepernick, Allen Iverson, and others for at least voicing their opinions, even if we don’t agree with them, because I’m sorry, they have real-life experience in some things that I may never fully encounter first hand, or know if they ever spoke up.

I mean after the Tulsa shooting it’s almost a shame to see every officer who DOES do the right thing to be generalized like how many people generalize about the man who was shot, Terrance Crutcher. Crutcher, whether he was on PCP or whatever, didn’t deserve to die… People can try to spew BS statistics and all that but these are people’s lives, not a math class, I could care less about some biased government mandated statistics you got from a news source.


For example, that officer in Massachusetts that was gunned down in the early summer was a model officer and positive influence in his community, but he lost his life serving his community to some punk, that’s been proven to be reality. It’s a shame that an officer or citizen has to die in any encounter with the other…

But instead of trying to make peace (which is what rappers The Game and Snoop Dogg have sought in Los Angeles), we have Fox News, MSNBC and other news sources and bogus biased opinion sites share political rhetoric, much of which doesn’t relate to the story at hand, at all.

Fights over the 2nd amendment and other political topics have only pushed the sides further apart, and it’s a damn shame. Because many of these “Chris14212111_1265603393469891_5231136356219756693_ntians” have looked hypocritical, just as much as they accusing EVERY police officer of hunting down black folks blatantly, because there are good men out there serving their communities and have families to go home to.

What does this all have to do with Colin Kaepernick you may ask? Well, it was reported that the 49ers QB has received death threats since his stance on police brutality in recent weeks. This to me is no different from those who want to censor certain political voices. (yes Facebook and Twitter, I think Milo is a pompous prick, but he deserves an outlet to speak)

Even if you disagree with his stance for your political or personal agenda, you should never wish death on a law-abiding citizen, which Kaepernick is. This also includes mentioning his family life in saying that he doesn’t have the right to do what he’s doing. The fact he was adopted to white parents is knit picking and hypocritical on anyone’s part.

Many of his opponents are the “conservative Christians” (as they call themselves), the sad thing is that you’re alienating people from ever seeing your view because your political correctness is more important than learning from one man’s actions.

The Snapchat account of a Belmont University student. This is what is wrong with social media, it gives cowards like this fella a chance to be a troll and create a false persona or a “safe space” to put out content on how they really feel. Instead, he’s expelled from school.

Do I think an expulsion was a bit much? Maybe, depends on who you talk to, but we all know that colleges, businesses, and the media love to the opportunity to pounce on these stories to show that people suck in this world. I mean there are bigger stories that needed to be covered. In my opinion, he should meet those players and we’ll see him become the coward he truly is. That’s the difference, there’s one thing about constructive criticism, but this is blatant and unbearable racism and hate that’s unacceptable no matter the political party, race, gender and or wealth demographics.

For the record, I’m a political independent who has friends who are very passionate about their political views on all angles, but at the end of the day, are we going to sit here and bitch about an athlete? One, who has promised to give a substantial amount of his money to help support the cause of police brutality. Doesn’t that at least prove that he’s putting his money where his mouth is? Kaepernick did say he wasn’t supporting any presidential candidate and even pointed out faults in both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton… I’m not saying he’s right or wrong, I’m just saying people need to shut up and stop trying to think like they’re experts on these situations.

I’ve had certain friends who have family in the police force and they’ve come close to losing them, all this rhetoric on both sides doesn’t protect the city kid with a rough past looking for a mentor to make something of themselves, nor does it help that officers are being hunted down like what happened in Dallas. But police officers,

To make a political conversation in the death of an innocent person can be left for political pundits who only care about views and clicks, we need a change and it starts with the majority… not Trump or Clinton, not even with the media, but us… We have the people to cultivate what the media covers. I mean the Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt got 84k views, but the Tulsa man shot by an officer only got 14k+… c’mon people, when you let a wound fester, it gets infected, infections lead to serious issues… Let’s grow up!

I don’t want to hear some hot blonde on the Blaze, or some young black kid from the burbs saying Black Lives Matter should “shut the f*** up until they protest black on black violence,” that’s all called deflections. There no better than the homers in sports that I can’t stand, that will never see it from the other angle, because they don’t have to… It’s not their fault, a lot of people talk out of their ass on social media… These liberal and conservative websites are biased to push their agenda… But most of you probably see more of those headlines without seeing the fallacies in their argument.

No one is denying that the actions of Black Lives Matter are a bit extreme, because extremist political groups are no stranger to his country, but to deflect an institutional problem… The fact is that families are losing siblings, mothers, fathers, and other loved ones to senseless violence. But as long as these political homers on both sides exist and don’t do anything, nothing will change… In fact, this presidential election of Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump is a perfect embodiment of how clueless and careless America has become, after all you basically have a liberal Margaret Thatcher, and the premier silver spoon family of America.

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