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College Football: Why week 2 is considered the cupcake part of the schedule

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It’s the second week of college football and this is one of those weeks where it’s considered a bye for most top teams. Out of the top 25 teams in the country, none will play an opponent that is ranked but that doesn’t mean there won’t be any surprises this weekend.

Top-ranked Alabama will roll past WKU and the same can be said for Michigan, and mostly every other major team but there are two teams that might not have such an easy time. Louisville will travel to Syracuse to take on an Orangeman team that won their first game of the season against Colgate by racking up 500+ yards of total offense. If Louisville is not careful they could end up giving Syracuse enough confidence to think they have a shot at the top 25.

The second game that might turn a few heads is Virginia Tech at Tennessee. VT is no longer the powerhouse they used to be but, make no mistakes about it, the Cardinals defense still must account for the QB play of Jerod Evans. If VT can somehow manage a win, this will knock the Cardinals out of any real contention for a playoff spot.

In college football, there are weeks where we will get these types of games, and it’s good to get them out the way early while a team is still going through growing pains. But, let’s not forget that games still must be played and a ranking in any poll means absolutely nothing once the helmets and pads are put on. Look at Oklahoma and LSU last week. It just proves that an unranked team will give that extra 10% if you come into the game cocky enough to belive that a ranking gets you an automatic win.

While Alamaba, Clemson, Florida State and Michigan seem almost certain of keeping their spots heading into week 3, we also now that on any given game day it’s quite possible that a so-called cupcake game, if not taken seriously enough could mean the end of your season.

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