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Miami Dolphins vs Seattle Seahawks: Preview and prediction

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The first game of the 2016 season seems tailor made for the Miami Dolphins to pull their first upset. While the Seattle Seahawks boast one of the leagues best defense, Miami has shown they have a few tricks up their sleeve in the preseason. The new Adam Gase led Dolphins showed off an up-tempo offense that kept defenders on the field. It will be a true test of offense vs defense this game.

Advantage Miami:

In the preseason, the Dolphins showed off an offense that came with a large group of formation and plays. Each play seemed like it was designed for each players skill set while keeping the playbook simple. If the Dolphins keep the same strategy with their no-huddle offense, expect Seattle’s defense to stay on the field. Wearing down the Seahawks will greatly improve Miami’s chance at a win. Defensively, look for the Dolphins to push Seattle to the ground game. With their blitz packages and their new “Wide-9” set, expect the game to force between the tackles. If the Dolphins succeed, it’ll take away where Russell Wilson has the most success. Miami needs to force Wilson to stay in the pocket and not beat them with his legs.

Advantage Seattle:

While the Seahawks started slowly last season, it wasn’t long before they were back in a rhythm. Whether it was rust or a key defender holding out, Seattle started out winless in their first three games. Look for that to die off before it becomes a trend this season. With their core defensive unit still intact, Seattle should again dominate defensively. On offense, the ‘Hawks have many levels to their game. Russell Wilson can beat you with his legs or in the air. Seattle may have lost Marshawn Lynch in the offseason but still can run the football. Misdirection will be on display with Seattle’s offense to keep opponents guessing.

While Miami has looked pretty good offensively in the preseason their defense has struggled. Seattle has too many playmakers to chip away at field position. Ultimately Seattle controls the clock and keeps the chains moving. Miami’s can tire out the Seahawks defense with their new scheme. However, until Miami can consistently score in the red zone, look for the team to struggle. Field goals won’t win games against teams like Seattle. Opponents have to score fast and often if they want to keep up. Seattle wins this game 27-17.

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