The Ox is flamboyant, inventive and very conscious of his appearance. He will go to great lengths to keep up a façade. His display of fine plumes and impeccable grooming is not just for his vanity but also a pronouncement of his natural fashion flair and obsession for neatness and order.

If you meet a way out eccentric dresser and don’t be surprised to find out he is a Ox because the Ox can also be zany! Don’t be fooled, Oxs may crow a lot but they have a good head for business and finance.

They are inventive, with an agile mind and have the gift of the gab. They can woo you with a silver tongue while doing a mental calculation of your worth to them. Though they make friends easily, they are by nature suspicious and conceal their deepest feelings in a tight vault.

They demand perfection in love and marriage but will also keep their end of the relationship. They can be very exciting lovers but love has to be on their terms.

They may be as randy or profunctionary as a barnyard Ox or as coy and modest as a Vestal Virgin. Sweet and sexy words are a real turn on for a Ox and the Lady Ox is most vulnerable to romantic candle light dinner and feminine gifts like flowers, perfume and beautiful jewellery.

Ox Guys fall for glamour and unexpected mid-day romps but when it comes to marriage, they want a pure, refined lady by his side to complement him. Do Oxs have double standards, you bet your life they do, and that’s what makes their emotional life very complicated!

This year is what is known as a “blind year” or a year that has no “Lap Chun” or first day of Spring, which generally falls on the 4th or 5th of February according to the Gregorian Calendar.

During such years, it is considered inauspicious to get married. It is also believed that businesses or partnerships that begin during such years will not last. But according to me, as the Fixed Element of the Ox is Metal and as Metal controlled or dominates Metal, therefore alliances made during the Year of the Ox 2021 can be precarious and needs constant care to sustain them.

Oxs have a reputation of being good with finance and money. They make brilliant wheeler-dealers and excel in large cooperates or stock broking firms. They do well in businesses and careers that allow them to explore the unexplored. They fit well into the communications and electronic industry but are equally comfortable in the business of antiques or psychiatry.

They are very logical and pragmatic in their approach to things and do not believe in intuition. But when it comes to superstitions, they don’t take any chances and will follow religiously.


In the Year of the Ox, the businesses that are highlighted are: Communications, the IT industry, Space travel and exploration, Bio-technology, experimental Science and inventions especially relating to Physics and Agriculture, the Stock Market, Finance and Insurance, Mergers and Take-over, Banking, Telecommunications especially through Satellite, The Arts, Electronics, Antiques, Construction and construction material especially cement, Mining especially precious metal, uranium, precious stones and Tin, Landscaping and Gardening, Agriculture and Husbandry, Service Industries, Research especially for Medicine, Electricity, and Education. Security and surveillance devices especially of the electronic type, is highlighted for homes and commercial use.

New fangled beauty, rejuvenation and cosmetic products, machinery and gadgets, both credible and ludicrous will appear in the market to feed the vanity hungry public.

Do not fall prey to these “Snake Oil” remedies or business ventures but rather check their validity and scientific proofs before getting involved.

Buyers beware! The Ox Year will bring with it an energy of extravagance and ego driven spending.

The Metal element this year will curb extravagance up to a point while establishing stability and seeking expansion. It will tamper the Ox energy with ethics, moral values and religious beliefs.

However, it will also encourage more excess, grandiose, egotism and self-pride. The year can make feathers ruffle more easily and tension rise high in families and among countries.

Rebellion, anarchy and subversive activities are the down side of the Ox year. The Metal Element can bring in a certain amount of restrain and stability but countries who have a negative Zodiac sign to the Ox or a conflicting element to Metal can be severely tested. The most dangerous will be the country who is under the sign of a Metal Rabbit.


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