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Comic-Con 2017: 3 Things Marvel Fans Want To See In San Diego

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Comic book movie fans look forward to the month of July ever year. It is the one month of the year that they are guaranteed to get a ton of new information released. That is because this is the month that Comic-Con International invades San Diego. So if you are a fan of Marvel or DC films, keep your eyes open for some news in the coming weeks.

The entire event will be taking place over the course of several days. It will start on Thursday, July 20th and last until Sunday, July 23rd. However, the most anticipated panel will be held on Saturday, July 22nd, at about 8:30 p.m. Eastern Time. This is when Kevin Feige and the other head honchos of Marvel Studios will be taking the stage of H Hall.

So that begs the question, what will Marvel be bringing to the table this year? With Guardians of The Galaxy Vol.2 and Spider-Man: Homecoming in the books, the focus will be shifted to characters such as Thor and Thanos. There is one more film left this year, followed by another in early 2018 before we reach the third Avengers film. So what do fans want to see from these films come Comic-Con in a few weeks?

Another Thor: Ragnarok Trailer

It’s been just over three months since Marvel released the first trailer for the upcoming Thor film, which is set to hit theaters on November 3rd of this year. With the film about three and a half months away, it seems like a good time to give fans another glimpse.

Personally, I was really hoping we would get a glimpse of the God of Thunder and Hulk clashing when Spider-Man’s latest film hit theaters about a week ago. Unfortunately, the below trailer did not show. A new trailer did now premiere. And there was no glimpse in the credit scenes either.

So Comic-Con simply makes the most sense. It is possible the Studio drops this at the D23 Expo, which is going on this weekend. But something tells me they hold things one more week and follow up one of their best trailers ever with another epic two minutes in San Diego.

A full-length Black Panther trailer

Now, Black Panther is not going to be coming to theaters until February of 2018. We have already gotten our first look at the film, as a teaser was dropped around a month ago, while Entertainment Weekly has been releasing images the last few days.

So with the film still seven months away and plenty of things for fans to chew on already released, why on Earth would they release a trailer now? Well, it just so happens that Marvel is good for releasing the first trailer for films about six or seven months prior to a release date.

So what better time than Comic-Con San Diego to bring fans a full trailer?! The teaser was fantastic, and has fans eagerly awaiting more. But it was just that, a teaser. There is something bigger and more grandiose to come. The time is now to see a good two and a half minutes of pure Wakanda based action.

Anything Avengers: Infinity War related

Now this one is a little tricky. If we get our hope and get trailers for Thor and Black Panther, would the studio really give us one for the third Avengers film? Well, when you factor in the fact that this film is not coming out until next May, that is certainly a longshot. So as much as we all want a trailer for Infinity War, it is not likely.

However, given the magnitude of the film, it would be a complete letdown if Feige and the gang did not give us anything related to the film. Given the film is currently filming, they certainly have footage to give fans a look. Maybe a quick clip or two. Or a montage type teaser. Maybe a few photos featuring the Guardians of the Galaxy alongside some Avengers.

Another possibility could be the announcement of some of the new characters. Given the set photos that have popped up online, rumors are running wild about Thanos’ Black Order. Many of these characters have been in motion capture suits on set, meaning their actual identities are still unknown. There is also the secrecy around who Peter Dinklage will be playing. Sure we can all guess Pip the Troll, but no one knows 100 percent.

As long as fans get something Infinity War related, they will be happy. It does not have to be a trailer. Any nugget of information would be eaten up by Marvelites.

What do you think? What do you want to see from Marvel this year at Comic-Con International out in San Diego? Tell us in the comments!

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