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In January, many of us create a list of resolutions, goals, and to-do items to help us create a great year and achieve our goals. While many of these things relate to health, career, and relationships, more and more people are thinking about ways to add more joy and fun to their lives.

If your New Year’s resolution list includes trying things you haven’t before, you might be interested in trialing cannabis in 2022. If so, here are some common mistakes to avoid.

Buying and Using Inferior Products

When you are new to using marijuana, you won’t know the difference between a quality product and an inferior one right away. As such, you’ll probably be tempted to go for cheap products or the first ones you find just to save money or get the purchase made. However, if you buy low-quality cannabis, it may not be pure, which will affect the results you get. It can also mean you outlay more money than you should and end up feeling ripped off.

To have an enjoyable experience the first time around, buy from reliable and credible dispensaries that stock decent gear. Search online for a retailer, such as a “licensed Florida dispensary near me,” or to “buy marijuana in New York City,” etc.

Taking Too Much, Too Fast

Another mistake to steer clear of is imbibing too much cannabis at one time. If you haven’t used this kind of substance before, it’s easy to get impatient and think you need more if you don’t notice any effects relatively quickly. However, you need to wait at least ten minutes or more in between smoking or vaping hits to see how you feel and at least two hours after consuming edibles to see how they kick in for you.

Avoid getting to the point of being highly anxious, suffering paranoia or panic attacks, and having other adverse effects from too much marijuana too fast the first time. Take it slowly, with small doses bit by bit, and wait to see how you’re affected before consuming more.

Having Unrealistic Expectations

Also, try not to have unrealistic expectations about how you’ll feel and what results you might get from starting to use cannabis. You may want the drug to help alleviate chronic pain, discomfort, or other conditions and diseases, but marijuana isn’t a miracle cure. It doesn’t halt or reverse issues and instead treats symptoms, mainly working on pain-related factors. You must utilize it regularly and consistently for it to assist, too.

Don’t start using cannabis thinking it will reverse your cancer or arthritis or have any other sudden and remarkable impacts. It isn’t magic and can’t work wonders that modern medicine hasn’t figured out yet.

Choosing the Wrong Delivery Method for You

Everyone has different bodies, lifestyles, and preferences, so choosing which delivery method to use to consume cannabis is a very individual thing. Think carefully about what type of product you want to buy before you part with cash. Some people prefer smoking or vaping marijuana, while others find edibles or other options the best solution for their needs.

There is no one right or wrong here, so do your research, think about what method might be easiest for you and suit your body size and any health conditions, and take it from there.

Improper Cannabis Storage 

You might do a great job of sourcing top-notch weed, but you could waste your money if you don’t store it properly until you’re ready to utilize it. Storing this substance correctly keeps quality high and helps maintain longevity, too, so you get the best value possible out of your purchase.

It’s vital to keep your cannabis in an airtight mason or other jar if you’ve purchased marijuana that you plan to smoke or vape. A suitable container will keep humidity and mold at bay, among other things. Plus, put the jar away in a cool dark place where it won’t get exposed to light. Light can degrade cannabis and lower its potency.

If buying actual flowers or buds, it’s best to store them in the Custom Mailer packaging they came in, though for extra security, you could then put the whole thing in its own airtight container, too, to stop it from drying out quickly. As for edibles, wrap them in some parchment paper and then put this package in an airtight or silicone container (the former will help the edibles stay fresh for much longer).

It helps to place products in the fridge to keep them from getting too hot and having moisture buildup around them. Plus, note that you can freeze edibles and concentrates for several months at a time.

Using cannabis for the first time can be daunting so try to have a friend or other person who cares about you with you for the time when you’re affected. Follow the tips above to have the best experience possible and avoid too many problems along the way.



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