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How to be Stylish in Cat Eye Sunglasses: What You Need to Know First

  A little bit funny, a little bit sexy, and a little bit quirky. Cat Eyes are the most comic book of sunglass styles. When Great Aunt Ingrid wore them back in the day, they looked plain terrifying, but after forty years in the wilderness Cat Eyes are back with a Meoww and the celebs just can’t get enough of them. Australian designer Poppy Lissiman’s micro Cat Eyes, in glossy
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6 Elements You Need to Include in a Mobile Game

We are a nation of gamers. According to Statista, in 2016 mobile gaming generated $35.6 billion in U.S. dollars with an average of 2.8 million active users. Let that sink in for a minute. $35.6 billion! If you want your business to benefit from our country's gaming obsession, you need to make sure your game has at least these six essential elements. Fun This is a no-brainer. Who wants to
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7 Fun Things to Make Prom Weekend Memorable

High school graduates look forward to celebrating the end of school and the beginning of a new chapter of their lives. They plan for prom night with excited anticipation. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend time with good friends. Many want to extend the fun for several days and continue the celebration into the weekend. We can’t talk about prom festivities without giving a word of warning about drinking
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The 3 Biggest Pitfalls of Personal Money Management

Most of us aspire to successfully manage our money. But if you struggle with this, don’t worry. You’re not alone. People across the UK find it difficult to plan their finances. In fact, a third of Britons fear that they’ll never be able to achieve this. Clearly, this is a frequent concern. To help you avoid classic mistakes, we explore the three main pitfalls of personal money organization. 1. Poor