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Lifestyle: Comparing Some of The Best Cold Press Juicers

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By Adam Wilson

A healthy diet and a good physique come with a lot of control and persistence. The diet part must be balanced, and a well-balanced diet will include healthy eating like fresh fruits and vegetables.

This has also been a revolution in the industry of manufacturing juicers. There are a large variety of cold press juicers to choose from. One does not need to depend on the bottled or canned juice to get the nutrients from.

But how would one know which one he needs to buy and which one is good for their health?

Let us look at some points that may be helpful in making this decision, we will be focusing on best cold press juicer, they would crush a fruit or squeeze one instead of cutting it or grinding it completely.

The need for such, a research was well noted by Ellie Krieger a noted dietitian, who comments on the need have a balanced in the intake of fiber and take in simple carbohydrates and a compulsory intake of fruits and vegetables.

The Hurom Alpha Series: These best cold press juicers are available in black and gold colors, they have a matte finish to add to the elegant looks. The design is quite curvy hence ensuring that they do not take up much space on the counter top. You get an ice ram maker, chamber to hold parts, also a coarse strainer that will ensure that you keep juices separate.

This machine runs smoothly with about 43 rpm and has a regulator switch to help change the density of pulp that you would like the juice. The cleaning of the juicer is easy and may not require cleaning every you make juice.

Omega Cube Series: This juicer has long considered the leader of the pack in the juicer industry.

The design is entirely cube shaped which adds to the look as well as the ability to place the equipment on the table. This is a mean machine; it has about 80 rpm and does a whole lot more than just juice.

It is a heavy-duty machine and can be used for mincing, chopping, grinding coffee and making nut butter.

This is built to work hard, with many functions and the power to take it to all the way, it is not a beginner’s model and if you are able to invest in a machine to serve for a long time, then this is the best cold press juicer.

Smeg: This has looks that resemble the 50’s and is nice round looking too; it comes in blue, cream, red and black colors.

It does not have too much difference in comparison to a regular juicer with respect to its assembly parts. This spins at about 43 rpm and gives a whole lot of fibers in thick juices and gets out of itself. It has fewer functions, can double up as a beginner’s machine and has the power to do almost most of the juices you will need.

Juicer: This machine is a generation apart from its design. It flaunts a design of a techno world and can be considered as one of the best cold press juicers. This machine looks like it is out from a technology forum, the entire machine has just one button to operate on its entire surface area.

This machine is large and heavy too. So, you will have to plan very well to place it appropriately on your counter. With this machine, you simply put your fruit in, hand up the serving pack and close the door and in a time space of about three minutes, your glass of fresh juice is ready. Well, the distinguishing element is that you can operate this machine via Wi-Fi.

Pay attention to the costs involved and the maintenance for each equipment. The above-mentioned details are after a study is performed on each of the equipment, these may vary from the country you live in and the material used for making juice.

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